Trying to

Figure out the big reveal. In my current WIP I mean. I’m kind of leaning towards building it up a little more and, honestly, I’ve been going with my gut on all of this anyway so I think I’ll follow it once more.

I could do the reveal sooner but I think the tension needs to be built up more. Yes there’s definitely some now, the back story, the current troubles but I think it needs to be bigger. If I reveal it too soon then I’m worried this will piss of the readers. Which would be seriously bad. So very bad.

Don’t want a lynch mob coming for me after all, lol!

So, yeah, I’m going to prolong the “reveal” I think. It feels right and will make the story all the better. I hope. Well, I suppose there’s nothing to lose from at least trying it and seeing how it “feels”. If it doesn’t work I can always rewrite it, I suppose. But only if my Beta readers give me the thumbs down about it. I do rely on them, and my friend that got me headed down this path, to give me the nitty gritty of their thoughts. So far they haven’t led me astray.

All right, decisions made, I’m off to do some writing. Get this WIP to the big blow out of all blow outs. We’ll chat again later ~ Moira

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