Happy Hump Day!

Thank goodness it’s mid-week. I don’t know why but this week has been terribly exhausting! Of course, the weather isn’t helping any either, Mother Nature appears to be off her meds or something because she’s extremely indecisive about what crap to dump on us. Thankfully the snow prediction has been removed (WOOHOO!). But now it sounds like there’s to be rain.

That’s good, some water is a good thing, everything’s so damned dusty right now a bit of rain to wash it away would be welcome. Especially for me (and all others with allergies) as I’m allergic to dust. And it’s damn dusty right now. On the plus side it might help to green things up too which, given how grey and dismal everything is, would be a welcome change for sure.

In other news, lol!, I started my new book. The paranormal ménage one that is, just for clarity. I decided to start with trouble looming, felt it was the right move for this series and would help to set the tone. Unfortunately my damn characters are a little hesitant about speaking up and giving me the goods. Assholes, one and all I tell you! LOL!

I’m not actually all that concerned as I’m still trying to figure out my core theme to the series. I’ve played with a few ideas but I have found that I seem to be leaning to tried and true too much. I want something new, different, unusual. But since I’m that kind of girl (different and unusual I mean) I have to have my stories follow the same guideline. So, for the time being, it is slow going as I slowly figure out just where this series might, possibly, be going.

I think that’s about it, don’t want to bore you all horribly with my random mutterings. So I will bid you adieu for tonight ~ Moira

One comment on “Happy Hump Day!

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