Summer has arrived

With a vengeance. It’s wonderful really. After a horridly cold winter, and then an indecisive spring, it’s nice to be warm again. It won’t last sadly, but while it does I’m enjoying every second. We’ve even gotten a bit of rain some of the evenings which makes sleeping so wonderfully comfortable. I love when it rains at night, so much more than when it does it the instant I leave work.

I’ve been working on book 4 of C&M Security. No title yet, but I never decide that until the very end, or close to anyway. I’m not one of those people that just knows what the name will be. Sometimes it’ll come to me at an important spot of the story. Usually not though, lol! The writing is going pretty well, it’s a slightly different story from the others. It’s still got trouble in it, it’s still got C&M in it, and it will also be introducing a character that will have a major role in the next book of the series. Haven’t figured where I’m bringing in said character, but I know it will be soon…ish.

Other than that I’ve had a few ideas on a couple other stories I’ve been puttering on. One’s a standalone, the other is a paranormal that I’m still trying to figure out the “rules” of since it’s not of an earthly nature. Trying to figure out how their world works, and all that fun stuff. Then there’s this other potential story that is circling, no clue what it is, but the beginning just keeps circling in my head over, and over, and over, and over again.

On that thought, I’m off to jot this beginning down so maybe I can purge it. Until another day ~ Moira

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