Snow day

Yup, you read that right. Woke up to snow on the ground with more snow falling from the sky. Yes, it’s May, no this is not unusual in my part of the Canadian landscape. Being as close to the Rocky Mountains as I (and a few hundred thousand others) am, it’s a rather depressing and icky reality. I hate snow. So-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o much.

But that’s something I cannot control so I will try not to focus too much on it, even with the collection clearly visible on my balcony railing that continues to get deeper. No, there are much more happy and awesome things to consider.

Like the fact that I have a date for the release of Forever Kind of Love. It will be releasing on May 7, 2014 – that’s Wednesday so you know. I also got a peek at the cover for the book (which I will share as soon as I’m permitted) and it is freaking AWESOME! Sour Cherry Designs is the Evernight Publishing cover artist and, OMG! Totally went deep into my mind and plucked out the most perfect design ever. I was stunned and at a total lack of words when I saw it. Which, for me, is unusual. I always have something to say – not always nice, not always polite and usually sarcastic – but I’m never one not to have something to say. Sour Cherry Designs did the impossible.

And, because I’m in a giving and sharing mood, I figured I’d also give you something beyond the (now edited & approved) blurb and excerpt from the Forever Kind of Love page. So, enjoy! ~ Moira

* * * * *

     Veronica Roni Malone, the girl of his dreams. A lot of dreams, actually. Fuck, she’d starred in his teenage imaginings and it had been better than anything in his old man’s porn collection. She’d made high school enjoyable for him.
But he’d never pushed her for more, though he’d had an inkling that she would have been all right with that. But he’d never had a girl that was just a friend. Usually, all the girls around him had wanted was his body. Or his class notes, which had been meticulous, thank you very much.
Roni had known him better than he had known himself, not that he’d have admitted that at the time. Hell no. But he could see it now, and she’d stood by him through a few rough patches in their senior year. Including Tiffany Selorski and her lies.
Hell, Roni had given him an alibi and, thankfully, the one that had actually gotten Tiffany pregnant had been outed. Again, all thanks to his best girl, Roni.
She really hadn’t changed much from back in the day. Oh, she was a little taller and a little softer in all the right places and, holy shit. She had a rack on her. Yes, he’d noticed, so sue him.
Shaking his head, he pushed off the car and shut the hood. Giving it a quick wipe, he patted the side panel and went to his office, the dreaded paperwork waiting for him. The only part of owning five shops that killed him? All the fucking paperwork that seemed to try to drown him on a regular basis.
After checking with his receptionist, seventeen-year-old Daniella, he took his messages and shut himself in his office. Sitting down behind his desk, he thumbed through the pile but they didn’t hold his attention, so he tossed them on the desk. Spinning his chair around he stared out over the wooded lot behind his shop, but all he saw was Roni.
She’d looked amazing. When he’d first spotted her, he’d nearly tripped over himself to get to her as fast as he could. Fucking girl had grown into one hell of a sexy woman. Curves to make a man beg and a pouty little look about her lips that made him want to give her the world.

* * * * *

Starting to enjoy this

And, by “this”, I of course mean the wonderful weather. Cause, come on, snow is great and all…for the first two hours and then it sucks for the next six months. So the fact that we have temps in the pluses -and I’m talking in Celsius not Fahrenheit- is a huge plus. Especially in March!

Of course, being Canadian, I also know that it won’t be that easy to slip free of the shadow of evil that is winter. Not at all. No, there will be at least one more major snow storm that tries to beat us all down into shivering balls of goo. But it won’t win, never does, and we shall come out all the better for it.

As we shade our eyes unused to the bright sunlight, our pasty white skin blinding even to ourselves as we soak up the too long without heat of the sun. Slipping out of our bulky gear of protection against the frosty temperatures we once again enjoy not being weighted down to withstand gale force winds of ice, sleet and snow trying to sandblast our flesh from our bones. It is a most glorious time, dear friends, glorious indeed!

You may have guessed I’m slightly upbeat about this whole warming trend we apparently are on. And I am so-o-o-o-o not going to argue with anyone about the fact that we’re going to be sitting above that zero mark (32F for the rest of you) for the next fourteen days – according to the Weather Network. Fingers crossed they aren’t lying to us but, really, they are weather people so we know they have to be lying about something.

But, that’s all I have to say tonight as I sit with my patio door open enjoying the slight breeze drifting in. Yup, windows are open biotches! HA! Night ~ Moira