Another one completed

Living Victorious 2 has officially been submitted to Evernight Publishing for consideration to publish. I’m just happy to have it done. This story has given me more than a couple problems during it’s creation. First a scene that wouldn’t gel, and then the epilogue which I ended up rewriting four times to get it right. But it’s done, and in my publisher’s hands now to look at to see if they want it. What a relief!

I haven’t started book 3 yet, but I do have an idea fermenting in the brain on where it will go. It will feature the lead singer for Victorious, Jeremy Shane. His leading lady is still a mystery to me. I know what her job is, and how she’ll come into the bands life, but she hasn’t told me her name. It could make writing the next book difficult if she doesn’t pipe up soon.

BadAlhaMF-evernightpublishing-jayaheer2015-banner (1)

In other news the Bad Alpha, and the Bad Alpha: Manlove anthologies are releasing on Friday August 21st. I am in the Bad Alpha anthology with nine other marvelous authors. It is currently up for pre-order, with a special price if you one click it before the day of release. To celebrate the releases Evernight Publishing, and the authors are doing a pre-release party on Facebook on Thursday August 20th. All kinds of links are below.

Another wonderful surprise to share with everyone, we were only just told that both Bad Alpha, and Bad Alpha: Manlove will be featured in the August 24th edition of USA Today in the Happily Ever After section. I will post up the link to this once it goes live, and I have it.

Bad Alpha ~ Pre-Order Links
 Amazon (US) | Amazon (CA) | Amazon (UK) | Amazon (AU)

Bad Alpha: Manlove ~ Pre-Order Links
Amazon (US) | Amazon (CA) | Amazon (UK) | Amazon (AU)

Bad Alpha & Bad Alpha: Manlove Pre-Release Party on Facebook

Well I think that is it. I need to be to work on LV3, and figure out my leading ladies name. I hope you all have a lovely night ~ Moira

Time to buckle down

SundayCoffeeHappy Sunday one and all. As the title suggests I have some work I need to get done. Namely a crap load of writing on book 2 of my Living Victorious series. While I’m still awaiting round two edits on the first book in the series this means I have time to knuckle down to finishing off the second book. I’m definitely not the fastest writing author out there, but these I want to come out within a reasonable time frame of one another.

So far it’s going really well. I’m currently over my halfway mark in the word count, and about halfway for what I have planned to go into this book. Still a number of things to get into the story of course, but they are coming along in a nice timely fashion. The muse is playing nice -always a worry- and staying on track. A pleasant change from her, lol!

I must admit I’m having a blast writing these books. They are definitely different from the last series I did. Namely there’s no murder, or bad guys involved. There is some mayhem of course, because they are rock stars, so things are definitely a little chaotic in their world. The characters are also a blast, easy going, and so fun to write. They all have their own personalities, and a number of similarities too.

This is the first series I’ve mostly planned out from the first word I put down on the page. I thought I’d give it a try, and see if it helped with the overall feel of the series. Not that I’m discounting any input from the muse, or the characters. But because of how the stories are interconnected to a degree I need to keep a close eye on where I take the story line, or where the characters feel it should go. Can’t let them go too far off script.

Well I think that’s about all I have to say today. Which means it’s time to grab some breakfast finally, top off the coffee, and knuckle down. I hope everyone has a fantastic day. Looks like it will be fairly decent weather wise at this end of the country. Talk again soon ~ Moira

A little editor love

pencil and paper with inscription r cup of coffee on blue wooden table

First off, happy Sunday to all! Now that we have that out of the way…

While initially nervous (okay, petrified) of what I might find upon delving deeper into the edits for The Rhythm, Living Victorious 1, I can now say that I am completely crushing on my new editor. She rocks in ways I can’t even comprehend let alone expound upon. She is da bomb. Evernight Publishing has the BEST EDITORS EVER! This is a personal opinion of course, and potentially a little biased since I’ve never written with another publisher. but it’s my post so I can say whatever the heck I want. HA!

Having an editor I’ve never worked with prior getting their hands on one of my babies is beyond nerve wracking. But I shall give credit where it is due, this woman knows her stuff. Since joining Evernight I’ve had the pleasure of working with four of their editors. Laurie T., Jessica R., Karyn W., and the latest in this powerhouse lineup is Kerry G.

All these ladies have gone above, and beyond. They are helpful, instructive, and when something in your story tickles their funny bone they love to point it out. Each has their own style to editing, much the same as every author has their own process and style to writing. I have only been blessed by the attention each editor puts toward one of my books. Truly I could go on, and on about them for likely hours. I won’t. If I do I’ll never get anything else done today lol!

But now that all the edits are done, and back into my publisher’s hands for round two, I can focus on getting book 2 of this series closer to completion. The muse is on board given how well editing went, and all we learned from Ms. Kerry – tools which we shall use for this book, and all those to come after. So I shall leave you all to whatever endeavors you might have planned for your Sunday.

Stay cool out there, and have some fun. I have my coffee in hand, a movie on the boob tube, and ideas to write. ~ Moira

Lazy writing day

GerberDaisy_70282557_XSHappy Sunday all. It’s been a pretty relaxing weekend around my place. Got in a bunch of writing on a couple of projects so that is always a major plus. The biggest one was getting back into Living Victorious 2, tentatively titled The Bass. This one has been giving me a little grief over the last couple of weeks, but I think it’s back on track. I got myself hung up a little on one scene so I did something I’ve never done before – I jumped to the next chapter to keep writing like that scene was done.

I’m still working on the scene that caused so much grief, but it’s not my sole focus. It’s the sort of scene that can be added in later on since while it’s a necessary scene to the progression of the book, it’s not a scene that makes or breaks the story line. So onward I continue in writing the stuff that pushes the story forward, and creates complications for my characters. Oh yes, there will be many problems for the two leads of this book. The biggest, and deadliest, distance. Since the lead male is in a band they have to tour. The lead female has a job that doesn’t allow for much flexibility to go with him. This will test their resolve to be with one another, but if they make it (which is sort of a given knowing me) then it will make their relationship all the more solid.

Not much work on the paranormal story I have on my WIP list, but I am puttering on it off and on. It helps to pull out of one story to poke at another to get the brain churning. It’s why I pulled another WIP out of the “draft” stage to something a little more solid. While I may not get it done any time soon, it’s another welcome diversion to get my mind working a different angle so that when I head back into LV2 I’m not sluggish on the plot. Not that this method works for most people. Usually it doesn’t work for me either but on this one book it’s been very helpful. Let’s my mind take a breather, and allows the muse to regroup for when I dive back in.

Well that’s about all the news I have to share currently. I need to dash out for some more necessary supplies to the writing process (pop and snacking foods) before I buckle down again at the keyboard so I’ll end this post quick like. Have a fantastic afternoon and evening ~ Moira

Scorcher of a day


Well we are being treated to another day of hot temperatures, bright blue skies, but with some mild relief in a halfway decent breeze I can only hope holds out for the duration of the day. Which would be even more enjoyable if I could get out to enjoy it, but really need to get some writing done. Must write!

To that end I am attempting to work around a wordage road block my muse seems to have run up against. Nothing major, just a little bit of stumbling around to get the right emotions out into words. I’m also working on another, upcoming scene at the same time which seems to be helping whenever I get sluggish in the previous scene. Helps to push me forward by giving me something else to focus on, at least temporarily. It worked yesterday, here’s hoping it works again today.

Other than that I will be attempting to not melt. I probably should have picked a writing chair that wasn’t covered in leather. I keep having visions of my melted form sliding off the chair into a puddle on the floor. Yes I watched cartoons as a child if you hadn’t guessed from that particular description, lol!

Hope everyone is staying cool if where you are is hot, or staying warm if it’s cold. Have yourself a great Sunday ~ Moira

Happy Father’s Day 2015

I want to wish all the father’s out there a very Happy Father’s Day. This is not only to my own dad, but to the men, and women who step into the role to help raise a child. Being a parent can be a thankless task – just ask my mom *insert eye roll*. But you are loved, and appreciated for doing your part. Enjoy the day, you more than deserve it.

Best Dad- Stamp

#SexySnippets 12, The Rhythm #romance #mf #contemporary


Happy #SexySnippets Sunday to all once more, and thank you again for stopping by to check out my offering. This weeks snippet is from the first book in my new series, Living Victorious, coming in July 2015. It is currently unedited so if you spot something – DON’T TELL ME! I already have a list of things to fix when I get the first round of edits from Evernight. Never fails, no matter how many times I go through it, or have someone else look at it there is always something that pops to the forefront the moment I’ve hit “send” on a submission.

This is different series from the C&M Security one. This is the life of a rock star, behind the scenes, and often raw. The band Victorious consists of five men, brothers not of blood but of a bond that comes from hard times and struggling to make the dream happen. The first book in the series focuses on Lance West, drummer. He’s the sort that loves the roar of the crowd, but prefers to otherwise remain in the background, and out of people’s focus. Then he meets Jennifer Mitchell, journalist. Jennifer is brought into the fold where no other journalist has gone before to interview the band for an article. She also gets a side gig, but that’s for you to read about in the book.

Today’s scene really doesn’t need a lot of lead in. So I hope you enjoy it, and look for more #SexySnippets to come in the future with this book when I get into edits. Until then, here’s your first teaser of a look behind the scenes…

* * * * *

Moving to her other breast he sucked the nipple into his mouth to tease with his teeth and tongue. Jennifer began to squirm on the bed rocking her hips.

He let out a groan when his cock slid between her slick folds. Moving a hand he pressed her hips down to the bed, and earned a frustrated sound from her. “Behave.” Slowly he slid his mouth down her body to the soft curve of her belly, and lower. Adjusting himself between her legs he put his mouth to her pussy, and began to taste her. All night he’d been thinking about having his mouth on her again.

* * * * *

Don’t forget to check out the other Author’s involved today. Check out The Nuthouse Scribblers Blog. They can also be found on Twitter, and now on Facebook. Hope to see you all again soon! ~ Moira

* * * * *

Book-1-TheRhythm-(LV)-ComingSoonButtonBlurb (unedited)
Jennifer Mitchell has only one goal in mind. She must get an interview with the band Victorious. A task many journalist’s had attempted over the last ten years, all to be shot down by the bands manager. The fact she desperately wants to meet their drummer has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Being the drummer for Victorious allows Lance West to stay out of the spotlight, and still play an important role in creating music their fans clamor for. Then he meets Jennifer, the only journalist to make it to within the bands ranks. While she may be focused on an exclusive interview, Lance has other ideas for the sexy woman.

Screaming fans, and thunderous applause might warm his blood, but Lance only wants one woman to warm his bed. She is everything to him, the rhythm that soothes his scarred soul, and he’ll do whatever it takes to prove it.

* * * * *

For more The Rhythm, check out the page.

#SexySnippets 11, Dangerous Reactions #romance #mf #suspense


Welcome to another round of #SexySnippets Sunday on my site. So glad to have you coming back to visit me. This weeks snippet is from Dangerous Reactions, C&M Security 6. It is the last book in the series I had planned. What might come in the future even I can’t say.

This story begins before all the others, and shows how C&M Security began literally from the bare bones out. It’s before they had their hacker, before they had all the bodyguards, and before they had their plush offices. I will admit they have the offices before we conclude the book, but there was some work to get there.

Robyn Matthews, the “M” in C&M, is our heroine. She is a take charge woman unafraid to kick ass, and definitely not afraid to let those around her know what she’s thinking. Especially the sexy contractor, and hero of this book, Grant Sherbrooke. He’s a man that works hard, believes in honesty, and also in taking his time with a woman he knows is his future. These two have chemistry, quite opposite personalities, and work well together. And in the bedroom…well, you be the judge.

* * * * *

Whimpering when he squeezed her breast, she writhed under him when he rubbed one of his work-roughened fingertips to her nipple. She loved the contrast between them, loved how easily he could turn her on.

“More,” she gasped out. “Harder.”

Grant dipped his head to give her a hard kiss, his tongue sliding into her mouth to duel with her own. He gave her nipple a tug and hard little pinch that had her pussy clamping down on his cock. She was so fucking close to coming, and from so little stimulation. Only Grant could do that to her, and only Grant she’d ever need to do just that.

* * * * *

Don’t forget to check out the other Author’s involved today. Check out The Nuthouse Scribblers Blog. They can also be found on Twitter, and now on Facebook. Hope to see you all again soon! ~ Moira

* * * * *

dangerous-reactions2Everything has a beginning.

Grant Sherbrooke has been brought up to believe in honesty, integrity, and working hard for what you want in life. Doing things the right way hasn’t always guaranteed friends, just a rock solid reputation. When the packages begin to arrive there’s only one person he knows to turn to.

Robyn Matthews knows the value of friendship. After serving her country overseas she’s back home with her best friend to get their security agency operational. Not once in all her planning did she account for the fact she might be sideswiped by a man like Grant. And there is no way she’s letting anyone tear what they have growing to pieces.

Then in one singular moment the life Robyn’s already imagined in her mind is forever shattered. Time is not on their side as they prepare to fight a crazed man’s dangerous reactions before it’s too late.

* * * * *

For more Dangerous Reactions, check out the page.

#SexySnippets 10, Dangerous Pasts #romance #mf #suspense

SexySnippetsWelcome to another #SexySnippets Sunday on my site. It’s in the middle of our Canadian May Long weekend, and it hasn’t been a very good one. Almost makes me feel sorry for the poor fools who decided to go camping. Almost…LOL!

To continue with the C&M Security theme in celebration of my latest release, we are looking back at C&M 5 – Dangerous Pasts. This story revolves around the smartass receptionist, and first line protector of the inner sanctum of the C&M Security firm, Chandra Devons. She has a past mired in secrets that have secrets.

The other half of this books power couple is Special Agent Zachary Parker of the FBI. We met Zack in book 4 of the series when he came to San Francisco because of the three body general rule of thumb that denotes a serial killer. He makes quick friends among the C&M group, and especially with the feisty Chandra. Though with her it becomes more, and leads him to do something not very smart that has him needing to beg for her forgiveness. Lucky for him she gives it readily enough otherwise we wouldn’t have this to share…

* * * * *

Moving faster on his cock, she slipped a hand down her belly. His gaze followed the movement, and his eyes flared wide open when she slid a finger over her clit. Biting her lip, she rubbed at the tight nub slowly, knowing she was ramping up his need. The push of his cock, his hips rising to meet her every movement, proved he was on board with all she was doing.

She knew the exact moment she pushed him too far. She’d slipped her fingers down through her folds, and pressed them to either side of his cock, squeezing lightly when he pulled from her body to give him added stimulation. An instant later she found herself on her back with him looming over her, her wrists caught in his hands and pressed to the bed by her head.

* * * * *

Don’t forget to check out the other Author’s involved today. Check out The Nuthouse Scribblers Blog. They can also be found on Twitter, and now on Facebook. Hope to see you all again soon! ~ Moira

* * * * *

dangerouspastsThe past should remain where it belongs, in the past. 

Chandra Devons has a checkered past, one she’s not prepared to discuss with anyone. She’s happy with how her life is now, including the very sexy FBI agent in the spotlight of all her fantasies. But she knows it’s only a matter of time before he starts to ask questions.

Special Agent Zachary Parker of the FBI knows when someone is hiding something, and the woman in his life is most definitely keeping secrets. While this normally wouldn’t be an issue, just part of the intrigue of the opposite sex, he has the distinct impression her secrets could end up haunting them both. When Chandra is kidnapped by an unknown group, Zachary will do anything necessary to ensure she doesn’t succumb to her dangerous past.

* * * * *

For more Dangerous Pasts, check out the page.

A few things to share

Mother'sDay-TulipA massive Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there. I hope you are all enjoying your days however you want, and that your children are waiting on you hand and foot as they should be. I’m also sending lots of love to my own mother since we’re not in the same city at this moment, but I did ensure she got a little something she could enjoy all to herself. Or share if she happens to be in a benevolent mood. Love ya mom!

Today I am busy writing. I’m working on two different projects since I may have consumed a little too much sugar at some point already this morning. My muse apparently is having issues remaining focused on only one story at any given time so she has me hopping back and forth between the two. They are as different as possible with one being Contemporary, and the other Paranormal. At least I shouldn’t be bored, or run out of things to do.

The first bit of good news to share is that the second round of edits for C&M Security 6, Dangerous Reactions, has been submitted back to Evernight for another look see by my editor. I had to make one major addition to it so I think there may be a round three to come to check over any changes she felt were needed. Next on the good news train is that I’ve also seen the cover for this book, and all I can say is HOT! I’ll be sharing this very soon as well since it’s so flipping awesome.

And that I do believe is all the news I have to share today. So I will leave you all to dote on your mother’s, and enjoy the rest of this lovely, sunny Sunday. ~ Moira