Release Day!

So excited! A second book bearing my name out there for the world to see. Oh boy, yeah, better not think on that too long or I’ll be needing myself a paper bag. LOL! Just kidding.

There was a minor snafu with Amazon, they were having a few technology issues – happens to the best of us after all. But, like the troopers they are, they got things sorted out and my book is up. Hopefully everyone else’s as well affected by this small glitch. I didn’t really worry about it overly much, since I knew they’d figure it out in time. Besides, I was at work so that kept me from thinking about it for too long.

I will admit to looking for it as soon as I got home though. And there it was, in all it’s sexy glory – look at that cover, it’s HAWT! I keep wanting to nibble on that male model, just a little. Okay, enough of that, other things to talk about… All the links I currently have (sorry iTunes and B&N folks) are up on the Dangerous Times page. The other links will come as the individual sites get everything lined up on their ends.

Overall it was good day, not much happening at work, work wise. My one co-worker, the lady I’ve worked with personally for a number of years, left today. Off into the retirement sunset. Lucky bitch. We sent her off in a fashion she approved of, very low key, yet she knew just how much I was going to miss her. The fact I was hanging onto her leg like a two year old in the midst of mother leaving for the first time may have been a clue. My screaming “You can’t go!” may have also led to the belief I’ll miss her dreadfully. I will, but she deserves this, she put in forty years with the company, definitely time to get out and enjoy life a little.

I get myself a super-duper long weekend this weekend. Canada Day is on the Tuesday so the boss is giving us the Monday off, woohoo! That’s a four, yes 4, day weekend. Hot damn! I plan on writing, writing and doing some more writing. It will be great. I can tidy up and work on C&M book 3, maybe even submit it. Then I intend to work on the paranormal story that’s been bugging me for the last while, get some of that down on paper. More than what I currently have I mean.

Well, that’s it, I need to go and do some advertising I think. Have a wonderful evening folks! ~ Moira

It’s only Tuesday!

Damn it. Yup, this just sucks. It’s going to be a long, long week, I feel it. Given the whacko’s I’ve already had to deal with at the paying gig (aka: day job) in the last two days I can only hope that they find their mother ship and return to wherever the hell they came from. There’s a planet out there in the universe that is clearly missing all their village idiots.

On much happier notes, I have the first round of edits back for C&M Security book 1. Took a quick peek in to see who my editor was, I have been blessed, I got the wonderful Laurie T again. I haven’t actually read through to see all her comments yet, but I will do that likely tomorrow. I just don’t have the energy tonight to even contemplate doing up edits. My brain isn’t in it.

No date yet on when it will come out, but I won’t really know until after round two edits are returned. I do know it’s this month so, yippee! for that at least, lol! Book 2 will be out in July, and if I keep going on book 3 the way I am, I might just manage to get it slotted in for August. If I can get beyond a point I’m currently wobbling at. I haven’t quite decided what to do with the situation my characters find themselves in.

It’s sort of a pivotal moment, depending on what I decide to do here will determine the next few chapters. I’ve been running various scenarios in my head, making notes and playing with it to see what would work best for the overall story and for the books to follow. While each book centers around the main characters, I do little lead ins, introductions and tiny reveals in each book so that there’s a sort of central thread through them all. At least that’s what I’m hoping I’ve achieved, lol! We’ll see if it works the way I hope it shall.

Well, that’s all I have to say tonight…I think. Off to watch a little nice, mindless, TV before I crash ~ Moira

Week’s going great

So far anyway, lol! Yesterday wasn’t too bad, except for the drenching I got as I dashed semi-quickly home from work. I was definitely more than just a little soggy by the time I got here. There was much squish-squish happening as I dripped my way to my place. I hate having wet shoes – nasty!

Plus side though, got my contract signed, and sent off for book 2 of the C&M Security series. As well as doing up the blurb/cover art sheet – that went back to Evernight Publishing as well. Did some writing and I think I may even have an idea for book 3 in this series. It’s vague right now so I’m just letting it rumble around in my head.

Stayed up a bit too late last night and then just couldn’t fall asleep. Not because my brain was spinning but because I honestly couldn’t get comfortable. Damnedest thing too. Especially given what I spent on my awesome mattress. Frickin’ thing cost nearly a very large mortgage payment – if I paid mortgage that is. But it was a Christmas gift so, in my humble opinion, well worth it. I love my bed. My bed is awesome! But last night we just weren’t in the groove together.

I had a LOT of coffee today to combat my need to sleep. That and I needed to try, I said “try”, to keep my wandering mind focused. I think I left my brain in bed this morning because I was seriously disorganized and mildly chaotic. I did, somehow, manage to get a lot of work done though. Not a fucking clue how! Really, I have no idea how the hell I managed it.

Well, that’s it for the moment. I think I’ll go hunt down something for dessert and vegetate in front of the TV and computer for a like. Have a good night ~ Moira

The return

To work after a long weekend sucks ass. It’s like a Monday times two. Only plus side to it all was the fact that it was damned quiet at work. It let me get in a couple of cat naps which I definitely needed. Tomorrow should be interesting though since I have family in town that I’m supposed to be meeting up with at some point. Not sure how we’re coordinating all this but I’m sure we’ll figure it out…eventually.

Did a crap load of writing on the weekend. Got a new WIP going strong at just over 13k on the word count and something else niggling in my head. No clue what it is yet and it’s really only coming to me in bits and pieces but it just might be something new. We’ll have to see how it plays out and where these new characters lead me. I’m betting it will be an interesting and likely a wild ride.

Got a bunch of reading done on the weekend too, just to let my poor brain relax in between bouts of writing. I find it’s a great relaxer to wipe the mind clean and let it restart and ramp back up again. Especially when it’s fun and great stories.

Well, since I’m starting to babble, I think it’s time to go and do something else. ~ Moira

Wow! What a

Day! It was pretty good I have to say. Though a little bit of a never racking one at the same time.

Got my contract from the publisher today and had to steel myself to sign it. With a horrible online signature no less. Gawd it was awful looking, lol! And then, the really tense moment, hitting the submission button. Palms were sweating, hands shaking, my gut just a ball of nervous tension and… Off it went into cyberspace. ACK!

I was so totally nervous as I waited on the confirmation that all had gone well and it had been sent where it needed to go. Then it was over. The let down, the sudden loss of all tension in the muscles and I felt like a puddle of complete and total goo. I felt like I’d run a marathon and, trust me here, I don’t run for no reason. I might power walk if the need arose, but running – uh-uh – not EVER happening.

So, I’m committed -not white padded room with a jacket that will hug me- all the way. Talk about scary shit! Why is there not a “Dummies” book out there for us new authors? You know, something like, “Surviving your first submission from begging to end for Dummies”. I’d have bought that mofo so fast! Everyone would have felt that sonic blast from the speed with which that transaction would have been processed.

All right, that’s it for tonight. I think a good healthy and very stiff drink is in order. And maybe a little Internet ogling of fabulously hot hunks too. More news to come when it’s mine to share! ~ Moira

Brains still not fully in gear

It’s true, my brain is still sluggish and like it’s slipping a gear. For those out there that actually drive standard, you’ll know what I mean, for those who have only ever run around in their little automatics, tsk, tsk. But sadly, I fear that is the way the automotive industry is heading, automated everything so the driver doesn’t have to do anything but keep it on the road. Not that some folks are all that good at that.

But! That is a tirade for another day since I’m not currently driving anything. I shall keep my lips sealed on the insanity on the road. But should I ever have the need to get mobile again on wheels, oh…then there will be tirades. LOL!

No, I am doing my “part for the environment”. Which is an awesome spin on the fact that I can walk to work, the grocery store, the drug store, the BOOK store. Yeah, the BOOK store. I love going into a book store and breathing in the scent of the newly unpacked books fresh from some printing place somewhere. I love my iPhone and all the other iToys I have, they are great for travelling without hauling along my library to keep myself entertained during travel and down time. But there is honestly nothing better than a brand new book.

Opening it for the first time (though never the last), running your fingers down the paper whether it’s a trademark paperback or a hard cover book, doesn’t matter. The sensation of the ink on the page, the feel of the paper under your fingertips, that first paper cut to christen it in blood. Ah yes, good times.

So while I will always have a few hot reads on my iToy of the day, there is nothing better than the weight of a book in hand as you flip that crisp page to continue the journey with your favourite characters. But that’s just me and, wow, I have zero clue what this post was actually supposed to be about.

Huh… Well, I wrote a full post about not much of anything. Sounds like a “Seinfeld” episode to me, lol! If you’re too young to know what that is, you really shouldn’t be on this page.

Anyway, I may or may not have something to do. Honestly can’t remember, maybe I left myself a note. So I’m off ~ Moira