The week is finally over

loadingSo happy to say it’s over. It was much too long, thankfully my co-worker will be back next week to take off some of the stress. I’ve also made the decision she is never, ever allowed to go away again. Ever. I doubt it will fly with anyone, but damn it! LOL!

The sun is beginning to set as I contemplate what to work on tonight writing wise. With all my household chores done, thank you very much, I won’t have anything to distract me this weekend. So writing is on the agenda. I have numerous stories in semi-stages of completion that I really need to get on. Some closer than others to being completed, others in their infancy. If only my muse would focus.

I have a new series planned, won’t say much on it since I’m still working on the back stories of the characters, and a lot of the other stuff makes an author’s head spin like the girl in the Exorcist. It’s definitely making mine attempt it from time to time. But such is the life we have chosen to bring the voices in our heads out into the public eye.

I think that’s it for tonight. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. Sleep late, be a little lazy, and enjoy it. ~ Moira

#SexySnippets 5 from C&M Security 6 #romance #mf #suspense


Happy #SexySnippets Sunday everyone. It’s been a pretty decent weekend so far, a little breezy, but the sun is shining so no complaints from me. As long as it looks like Spring I’m a happy camper.

This weeks 7 sentences will be the last from the C&M Security 6 book. It took me a while to decide just what I wanted to show, but I figured I needed something to send the #SexySnippets for this book out with a bang. Something that would catch a readers eye, and interest enough to want to buy the book when it comes out. May 2015, date TBD by the way. Next week will be from something else entirely, so I hope you enjoy the below, and here’s a little lead up to help you figure out what’s going on.

Grant, the hero of the story, has a stalker after him. Nothing too big to begin with, but annoying, and the individual is definitely a pest. But soon enough the stalker takes things to the next level. Robyn, our heroine, is not happy with the “progress” so far achieved by the police in locating, and stopping this individual. But she does tend to take anything against her man very personal. And here we go…

* * * * *

Numbly Grant stuck a hand out to shake the other man’s, “Any idea who did this?”

“Definitely wasn’t a professional torch, this was purely amateur hour. Good for us on all fronts, the amateurs are more likely to make mistakes unlike the pro’s, or serials. Once my guys finish up we’ll take everything back, and get the lab working on whatever they find. I won’t lie Mr. Sherbrooke, unless you catch an arsonist in the act, it’s damn hard to catch them unless they start to unravel.”

“Do you think it’s the same person who’s sent the other threats to date?” Robyn asked him.

Shawn introduced her to the detective when the man shot her a curious look.

* * * * *

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#SexySnippets 4 from C&M Security 6 #romance #mf #suspense


Welcome to another #SexySnippets Sunday on my site. Happy Easter to all, I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. I am off with my family type peoples enjoying what I hope is a restful weekend. As I’m not actually that delusional I know I’m being run ragged on too little sleep, and no where near enough coffee in my bloodstream. No, I’m not psychic (even though I wrote this post on Thursday before leaving town), but it’s a constant no matter when I go visit them.

This weeks goal for my 7 sentences is to turn up the heat a little on what I’ve shown so far. To date we’ve seen how Robyn said hello to Grant at their first meeting, a bit of insight into Robyn and her psyche, and then a little bit of background on Grant and his family. So it’s definitely time to bring a little naughtiness to #SexySnippets Sunday. So here we go, enjoy…

* * * * *

Panting hard she threw a leg over his hip, dug her heel into his ass, and pulled his head close enough to nip at his lower lip. “Move,” she demanded.

Another low growl came from his chest, and he began to move. Grabbing hold of him, digging her nails into his back she held on. The only thing she could do in that moment. He was thrusting into her hard enough she was skidding across the bed a little each time they came together. Dropping a hand to his ass she used the grip to pull her in closer to him.

* * * * *

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Hello long weekend!

little rabbit and easter eggs isolatedHappy Easter to everyone. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. I will be off visiting my familial relations, eating too much, and not getting enough sleep because they seem to think that four hours is more than enough. For the record, it’s not. I need at least six to be semi-coherent, eight if you actually want to hold a conversation, and coffee is a must. Otherwise run, just run.

Though I will be elsewhere this weekend I shall have a #SexySnippet ready to go live for Sunday. This one will definitely have a little heat to it. So be prepared. I figured it was only right to give you a bit of a warning. As with the last few Sunday’s it will be from C&M Security 6.

In other projects… I’m making good progress on my first stint into the Paranormal realm. The story, for the most part, is clicking nicely and coming quick. Every now and again I end up hitting a spot where my brain runs out of stuff to send through to my fingers and I sit back sorta “whoa!” as I collect myself. This leads to the need to read what I just wrote, and then hope it kick starts the creative process again. Last night I had myself a bit of a giggle since I trailed off at a critical moment in a sex scene. I had the mental image of my hero poised, ready to go, and toppling over because I couldn’t figure out what was happening next.

I know, I’m a bit odd. I think it comes with the whole “author” territory. After all we have voices in our heads that we listen to for the purpose of creating elaborate fictional worlds. Though I admit when they start arguing it’s a little weird to have to step in. LOL!

Well I think that’s about it for the moment. I have to finish packing, make sure I don’t forget my charger for either of my links to the online world (phone & computer) and I should be good to go. So, once more, Happy Easter, and enjoy the weekend! ~ Moira

#SexySnippets 3 from C&M Security 6 #romance #mf #suspense


Hope everyone is having a great weekend. It’s that time again, #SexySnippets Sunday. Last week I put up a post to show a little more insight into Robyn, the heroine of this story. One of the other posters of this event Ms. Doris O’Connor, who also happens to be a fabulous author (I am not above shamelessly plugging friends here!), wondered “What nightmares?”. So this week I thought I might answer that. Then I thought…hell no! Sorry Doris but you’ll have to wait like everyone else for the book to come out.

I’m evil. I know, lol!

Today’s Snippet will actually be a little insight into Grant, our hero of the story, and his family. It will be only a peek obviously, but maybe it will be enough to tempt you into wanting to check it out when it comes to e-retailers everywhere some time in May 2015. Did I mention I’m totally not above shameless plugging here?

* * * * *

“I like your mother just fine, unless she’s got her bridge group at the house. I’d rather be doused with honey and staked out on a fire ant hill then face that firing squad.”

The funny part was his old man wasn’t exaggerating in the least. Grant had made the mistake of going by the house on his mother’s bridge night once. Only to find himself under the judging stare of twelve women who wanted to know why he wasn’t married yet, and giving his mother the grandbabies she so deserved. In Grant’s mind he’d rather be water boarded by the best the interrogators around than face those women.

One on one they were all lovely women, but in a group they were more vicious than a rabid pack of wolves after a long, lean winter.

* * * * *

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Ahhh, Friday!

Friday word text colorful fireworksSo, so, so glad it’s Friday and therefore the weekend. It has been one hell of a week. Between inventory at work, and having to update the system we use so it isn’t such a mess (and a half) to just plain weird people, it’s been a bit of a chore. But now that it’s over I can focus on things I couldn’t during the week when too many “real life” issues yanked me one way or another.

Writing. I’m getting into a good part of the new WIP I’m working on. *Cue cheesy porn music* It’s time to add a little sex to the mix *nudge-nudge, wink-wink*. The characters have been dancing around one another for a time now, building up to this moment, and everything is about to explode. Should be an interesting scene to write given the friction they’ve been giving off since nearly page one of the story.

I also need to think about unearthing my suitcase for Easter weekend, and figuring out what I need to take with me. Yes, I’m sort of a planner with a bit of last minute decision making thrown in for shits and giggles. I’ll be off to see the familial types for a “drive-by” visit. Being as short as it will be it’s the best description I have, lol! I’ll only be there for a couple of days total before I have to be back to return to work on the Monday. With one of my co-workers off for two weeks for her sons destination wedding in Mexico we’ll be super shorthanded going into that next week.

Well that’s all I have currently. I’m off to do up some laundry, maybe grab a bite to eat of who-knows-what, and then I’m going to chill out with a book, maybe a movie, and then sleep. Been fighting a bit of a bug one of my co-workers was attempting to spread through the place but I’ve been holding out so far. Have a great weekend everyone ~ Moira

#SexySnippets 2 from C&M Security 6 #romance #mf #suspense


Happy Sunday everyone. Welcome back to another weekend of #SexySnippets. Last Sunday I managed to power through, and finished off the now titled Dangerous Reactions, C&M Security 6. I submitted it the same day, and it was accepted quite quickly. Thank you Evernight! Can’t tell you how relieved I am to have this one finally done. Pretty sure my readers are as relieved, or more that it’s slated for release in a couple of months.

Today’s Snippet is to show a little more about Robyn, the stories heroine. It gives a little more insight into who she is, and why she is. Not a lot of course since we only have 7 sentences to work with, but maybe I’ll do this again next week and you might get something more.

To set the scene Robyn has arrived to meet her partner Shawn at the location that will become the C&M headquarters. Shawn, proving what a smart and wise man he is, has brought her a caffeine infusion to help jolt her awake. Robyn takes a crack at how chipper Shawn is, and Shawn responds with…

* * * * *

“You’re only saying that because you didn’t get your full six hours of beauty sleep last night. You used to be such a morning person you put me to shame.”

He was right on that. Once upon a time she’d been a morning person. Up before the sun, and ready to go long before anyone had their first cup of coffee for the day. She’d even been that way right after she’d returned to civilian life. Then the nightmares had started up.

* * * * *

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A good day to write

The Fog (2005)With the weather as dreary as it is, it’s the perfect day to stay closeted indoors to write. We had some heavy, and I do mean heavy fog last night into the morning. It started to clear up for a time but appears to be settling back in once more. For a while there I could barely see out the window, let alone identify any other buildings. Which of course had my mind spinning and settling on that movie “The Fog”. The 2005 version with Tom Welling in it. Sadly Tom was not at my side to help me through the rolling fog *pouts*.

After grabbing a cup of coffee I settled in to try and figure out what I wanted to write. I’ve had any number of ideas bouncing around in my head for new stories. Some might end up being stand-alone’s, while others could (potentially) be series. The only problem with setting my C&M series to the side for now is I feel very much at loose ends, and undecided about what to tackle first.

With that mildly terrifying thought in my head I have about 10 tabs open of different stories I’d sort of thrown ideas down on the page for. I’m hopping between them as thoughts come to mind, and trying to figure out where some might lead. To say it’s a day of expanding ideas would be an understatement. My brain is having a little trouble focusing on just one thing so I’m going with the flow. Never know where it might end up leading to after all.

Well that’s it. I need to refill my mug, and set up a post for tomorrow. Hope you all have a lovely day ~ Moira

Book 6’s been accepted!

Happy Saint Patrick’s day first off to everyone. I hope everyone had a lovely green infused day. I’m very happy to announce that the long awaited book 6 of the C&M Security series, Dangerous Reactions, has been accepted by Evernight Publishing. Projected date of release is May 2015.


This is the prequel for the series, as well as the end of the series as it stands currently. I’m not saying that I’m never coming back to this series – I love the C&M crew – but I am at a stopping point for now. I had six books planned when I started it, and now I’ll have six books published. I can definitely say that at some point in the future I will revisit this group. At what point, or where in their stories I couldn’t even guess.

In other news I’m off attempting to write a paranormal story now. I’m not quite sure where the characters are leading me, but I’m sure it will be interesting to say the least. Most of my characters are, well, “characters” lol! We’ll see where they are going, and where they are leading me. Until then I’m only along for the ride.

Well I think that’s it for now, I’m off to write. Hope everyone has a lovely night ~ Moira

#SexySnippets from C&M Security 6 #romance #mf #suspense


Happy Sunday all. This is a first for me taking part in this little event, so bear with me as I figure out what I’m doing, lol! The below is from my WSIP, or Work STILL In Progress of C&M Security 6. For those that have read the series, or have friended me on FB you know what this ones all about. For those that haven’t read the series, or had to listen to my complaints over these very opinionated, stubborn characters – here’s a little run down for you…

C&M 6 features the “M” of the series name and security firm I base the stories around, Robyn Matthews. It is a prequel to the entire series showing how she met her present day fiancé, Grant Sherbrooke. This is also all prior to C&M Security being what it is in the first five books of the series. In fact it’s being created during the majority of the story. I also show a few of the other characters that play parts in the other books, or have had a book themselves.

The brief scene I’m sharing below is from the first time that Robyn and Grant interact. They have just met, and the first thing that pops out of Robyn’s mouth is…

* * * * *

“Nice ass.”

He looked stunned, and completely unsure of what to say to her.

“You’ll never believe what was in that storage room,” Shawn said as he came back into the room. He stopped on seeing the guy she’d been ogling. “I’m going to guess you’re Grant Sherbrooke?”

“You’d be right.”

Robyn nearly moaned at the wonderfully rough voice that came out of their contractor.

* * * * *

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