Happy Canada Day 2015

Wishing all my fellow Canadians a very Happy Canada Day. It’s a toasty one at my end of the country today, but I have the day off work, the sun is shining, and there will be many fireworks tonight. I plan on grabbing a book, finding a bit of sun somewhere there is some water, or a breeze, and enjoying the day. I hope everyone has a fantastic day, and plays safe out there.

Happy Birthday Canada!

Canada National Flag Light Night Bokeh Abstract Background

Scorcher of a day


Well we are being treated to another day of hot temperatures, bright blue skies, but with some mild relief in a halfway decent breeze I can only hope holds out for the duration of the day. Which would be even more enjoyable if I could get out to enjoy it, but really need to get some writing done. Must write!

To that end I am attempting to work around a wordage road block my muse seems to have run up against. Nothing major, just a little bit of stumbling around to get the right emotions out into words. I’m also working on another, upcoming scene at the same time which seems to be helping whenever I get sluggish in the previous scene. Helps to push me forward by giving me something else to focus on, at least temporarily. It worked yesterday, here’s hoping it works again today.

Other than that I will be attempting to not melt. I probably should have picked a writing chair that wasn’t covered in leather. I keep having visions of my melted form sliding off the chair into a puddle on the floor. Yes I watched cartoons as a child if you hadn’t guessed from that particular description, lol!

Hope everyone is staying cool if where you are is hot, or staying warm if it’s cold. Have yourself a great Sunday ~ Moira

Things to do

Happy Saturday all. A few things to share with everyone. First up is I’ve completed first and second round of edits for Drakon’s Prize, a part of the Bad Alpha anthology from Evernight Publishing coming this summer. It went really well, and super fast. Not sure if there will be a third round, but it’s more than possible given my lovely editor, and I had to do one pretty big fix. I think it works well though in the story – fingers crossed!

I’m also up on The Romance Review today for all interested. You answer the questions, and are put in for the prizes with points. So if you’re interested in getting in on the action it’s never too late! You can check it all out here.

The other plans for the day is to get some work done on my latest WIP’s. Last week I was mostly focused on a yet-to-be-named paranormal I’m working on. Bloody thing’s driving me batty. But it is trundling along rather well. Unfortunately I really need to buckle down, and whip the muse into shape to work on The Bass, Living Victorious book 2. I’ve had a few thoughts on that this past week that I think shall work rather splendidly in the over all story line.

Let’s see, what else… Nope, I think that’s actually it. Beyond a bunch of boring household chores, bleh!, there really isn’t anything else to share at this point. So have a fantastic weekend everyone ~ Moira

Happy Father’s Day 2015

I want to wish all the father’s out there a very Happy Father’s Day. This is not only to my own dad, but to the men, and women who step into the role to help raise a child. Being a parent can be a thankless task – just ask my mom *insert eye roll*. But you are loved, and appreciated for doing your part. Enjoy the day, you more than deserve it.

Best Dad- Stamp

Making the brain have to work

Happy Saturday all! Been a pretty good day so far minus a small incident with a tap that led to a much more thorough cleaning of my kitchen than was allotted for the day. But that’s fine, it would have had to happen eventually, and I got my shower out of the way all at the same time lol! Well, not quite.

The small British kitten sleeps

With coffee in hand today I’m working on finishing up my edits for Drakon’s Prize out of the Bad Alpha anthology. The majority I got through quickly, and easily with only one hiccup so far. Had to resort to sending off a note to the editor for some clarification since my brain couldn’t quite figure out what she meant. I hate bothering them but this one just couldn’t be resolved by my poor little brain. Once I have her answer back I will finish up, and shoot it back to EP for round two.

Once I’m done edits then I will be swinging over to work on book two of Living Victorious for a while. Though I think I may sneak in a nap. I did not sleep well last night. My neighbors and I will be having words of a rather harsh sort soon if they don’t get their acts together. I truly couldn’t care less that they work on different shifts than I do, usually I can sleep through anything – brass band in the bedroom, cop cars popping wheelies on the street, or whatever. One of the few things I can’t sleep through is annoying laughs. Whether it be the sort like Janice off of “Friends”, or someone that sounds like a braying donkey, there is a level of laugh that is abrasive in the way fingernails down a chalkboard is. They had such an individual over last evening braying away in the wee hours of the morning waking me up. Had I not been happily ensconced in my bed enjoy the rain dampened air coming through my window I likely would have wandered over to have a “talk” with them. Lucky I didn’t feel like unrolling from my blankie.

So a small nap is on the schedule before I have to figure out what I’m doing for dinner. I’m thinking of maybe a little East Indian. I’m in the mood for some good Tandoori chicken, and there’s a place not that far from me that serves some of the best. And now I’m hungry. Okay, so a snack, and then a nap. Better stop writing this post before I talk myself into something else! Have a great day, and a fantastic weekend ~ Moira

So many pretties!

One of the best things ever about being an author is getting your cover artwork. It’s like the first piece of the puzzle of what’s to come next. With EP’s Anthologies we get the pretties early – which is fantastic. I love having something to drool over before the anxiety of edits starts. And these are un-freaking-real! Jay Aheer, the cover artist for the Anthology, did yet another amazing job in creating something fabulous. A genius is all I can say. And so I share some of these goodies that I got on Tuesday with you, enjoy.

BadAlhaMF-evernightpublishing-jayaheer2015-banner (1) BAD-Antho-CoversSoooooo pretty… I could stare at these for hours, upon hours, upon hours. But I must tear my gaze away from them to attend to other things. Like first round of edits which hit my inbox today. Haven’t looked yet, but I’m hoping it’s not too bad. After that I must get to writing, because writing is goooooood.

I’ve been thrown completely off my normal schedule due to a familial obligation of the birthday sort last weekend – singing and all. This is something I must rectify this weekend by getting back into the swing of things. Book 2 of my Living Victorious series is calling to me. I left my characters in a most awkward place. Not sure if I’ll pick up there or in the next chapter. My muse is a bit … oh what is the word I want here? … “preoccupied” works I think. She’s being a bit flighty as well, not a good trait to have in a muse for those that are curious.

Need to get her back on target once more. Should be an interesting challenge, and keep me busy for a few hours. But at least she’s giving me lots of great ideas for the book. That definitely counts for something. Anyway, I am off to get dinner going, and see if I can coax a couple thousand words out of the muse. Have a lovely evening, and stay tuned for more information on the Anthology that will be coming out August 2015. For a little peek into my story, Drakon’s Prize, you can check the page here. ~ Moira

Keeping on task

My muse has decided to give me an extra task of late. Writing two different stories, with a bunch of bits and pieces for others laying on the sidelines apparently isn’t enough. Now she’s added in random thought processes to my writing time. For example, I was writing the build up to the first sexual encounter between two characters when she suddenly threw out this idea for later in the story. Of course I have to jot it down. Don’t know if it will be used, but it’s better to have it and not need it then to sit there attempting to remember what it is later.

Now this probably sounds like a great thing. To a degree it is. Unfortunately it has a terrible side effect. I end up distracted by the new thought, and can’t remember where the hell I was in the scene! This insanity has been going on for two nights now. I don’t know what the hell my muse is up to but I think I may need to give her one heck of a stern talking to.

Mann Sport Liegestütze

In other news these bouts of distraction have led me to go looking for new inspiration for my various scenes. I have a whole new, and very interesting collection of men for my folder. So many pretties to look at, not enough will power to look away. Oh what is an author to do? And with that I leave you for now. I really need to duct tape my muse to one spot, and get some writing done. Book 2 for Living Victorious is going well, but she’s not making it easy to write this first sex scene. Time to buckle down ~ Moira

Sizzling Summer Reads Party

ssr2015From June 1st to the 30th, The Romance Reviews is hosting a massive event full of games, contests, and prizes. There are over 350 authors, and publishers participating in this awesome event. To go check out the list, and get in on the action all you need to do is click the image to the right of this post.

Once on the TRR site login, or create an account (it’s free to do), so that you’re points can be kept track of for each game, or contest you participate in. Remember to be logged in each time you visit the site. Every day there will be new contests, and new games for you to take part in to earn points.

My Q&A will be up on June 27th for a chance to win a copy of Dangerous Secrets, C&M Security 2 if you, or someone you know is interested in a chance to win a copy of the book.

Calendar on june 2015 on white background is insulated

Spread the word, and let everyone know about this huge event. It will be a great way for everyone to have some fun, find some new authors, and have a chance at some great prizes. Remember it runs from June 1st at midnight EST, until June 30th 11:59 pm EST. So you have plenty of time to get in on the fun, but each day will be different, so check in often so you don’t miss out.

#SexySnippets 12, The Rhythm #romance #mf #contemporary


Happy #SexySnippets Sunday to all once more, and thank you again for stopping by to check out my offering. This weeks snippet is from the first book in my new series, Living Victorious, coming in July 2015. It is currently unedited so if you spot something – DON’T TELL ME! I already have a list of things to fix when I get the first round of edits from Evernight. Never fails, no matter how many times I go through it, or have someone else look at it there is always something that pops to the forefront the moment I’ve hit “send” on a submission.

This is different series from the C&M Security one. This is the life of a rock star, behind the scenes, and often raw. The band Victorious consists of five men, brothers not of blood but of a bond that comes from hard times and struggling to make the dream happen. The first book in the series focuses on Lance West, drummer. He’s the sort that loves the roar of the crowd, but prefers to otherwise remain in the background, and out of people’s focus. Then he meets Jennifer Mitchell, journalist. Jennifer is brought into the fold where no other journalist has gone before to interview the band for an article. She also gets a side gig, but that’s for you to read about in the book.

Today’s scene really doesn’t need a lot of lead in. So I hope you enjoy it, and look for more #SexySnippets to come in the future with this book when I get into edits. Until then, here’s your first teaser of a look behind the scenes…

* * * * *

Moving to her other breast he sucked the nipple into his mouth to tease with his teeth and tongue. Jennifer began to squirm on the bed rocking her hips.

He let out a groan when his cock slid between her slick folds. Moving a hand he pressed her hips down to the bed, and earned a frustrated sound from her. “Behave.” Slowly he slid his mouth down her body to the soft curve of her belly, and lower. Adjusting himself between her legs he put his mouth to her pussy, and began to taste her. All night he’d been thinking about having his mouth on her again.

* * * * *

Don’t forget to check out the other Author’s involved today. Check out The Nuthouse Scribblers Blog. They can also be found on Twitter, and now on Facebook. Hope to see you all again soon! ~ Moira

* * * * *

Book-1-TheRhythm-(LV)-ComingSoonButtonBlurb (unedited)
Jennifer Mitchell has only one goal in mind. She must get an interview with the band Victorious. A task many journalist’s had attempted over the last ten years, all to be shot down by the bands manager. The fact she desperately wants to meet their drummer has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Being the drummer for Victorious allows Lance West to stay out of the spotlight, and still play an important role in creating music their fans clamor for. Then he meets Jennifer, the only journalist to make it to within the bands ranks. While she may be focused on an exclusive interview, Lance has other ideas for the sexy woman.

Screaming fans, and thunderous applause might warm his blood, but Lance only wants one woman to warm his bed. She is everything to him, the rhythm that soothes his scarred soul, and he’ll do whatever it takes to prove it.

* * * * *

For more The Rhythm, check out the page.

Contemplating chaos

HappySaturdayMy muse apparently is in a vindictive mood today. Trying to keep the wench in line is a task unto itself. Don’t know what’s up with her but I’m interested to see what she has in mind for my characters today. I’m working on two different WIP’s to try and keep things level. So far so good, though the muse is muttering about something else. Not sure if it has anything to do with these two potential stories or if it’s something new she’s cooking up. I never really know with her.

But I shall continue onward with what materials she provides to me, and hope that I’m not suddenly confronted by some nearly impossible situation I have to get everyone out of. She’s done this to me before and it’s worked out. These are slightly different stories so to be backed into the proverbial corner on either could prove to be rather bothersome. Here’s hoping I don’t need to find some overly creative means for my characters to climb out the proverbial window to freedom.

The weather is perfect for writing. Overcast, comfortably cool with a hint of a breeze bringing in the smell of the impending rain we’re expecting. Of course the weather person hasn’t been exactly accurate of late so that scent of rain could be foretelling a storm coming in three days. Since I don’t plan on moving far this weekend it really doesn’t matter. I have writing to get done.

To that end I need to get back to it after I grab a bite to eat. So I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, and don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for #SexySnippets Sunday. I’ve got your first taste of my new series, Living Victorious. ~ Moira