Contemplating chaos

HappySaturdayMy muse apparently is in a vindictive mood today. Trying to keep the wench in line is a task unto itself. Don’t know what’s up with her but I’m interested to see what she has in mind for my characters today. I’m working on two different WIP’s to try and keep things level. So far so good, though the muse is muttering about something else. Not sure if it has anything to do with these two potential stories or if it’s something new she’s cooking up. I never really know with her.

But I shall continue onward with what materials she provides to me, and hope that I’m not suddenly confronted by some nearly impossible situation I have to get everyone out of. She’s done this to me before and it’s worked out. These are slightly different stories so to be backed into the proverbial corner on either could prove to be rather bothersome. Here’s hoping I don’t need to find some overly creative means for my characters to climb out the proverbial window to freedom.

The weather is perfect for writing. Overcast, comfortably cool with a hint of a breeze bringing in the smell of the impending rain we’re expecting. Of course the weather person hasn’t been exactly accurate of late so that scent of rain could be foretelling a storm coming in three days. Since I don’t plan on moving far this weekend it really doesn’t matter. I have writing to get done.

To that end I need to get back to it after I grab a bite to eat. So I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, and don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for #SexySnippets Sunday. I’ve got your first taste of my new series, Living Victorious. ~ Moira

#SexySnippets 11, Dangerous Reactions #romance #mf #suspense


Welcome to another round of #SexySnippets Sunday on my site. So glad to have you coming back to visit me. This weeks snippet is from Dangerous Reactions, C&M Security 6. It is the last book in the series I had planned. What might come in the future even I can’t say.

This story begins before all the others, and shows how C&M Security began literally from the bare bones out. It’s before they had their hacker, before they had all the bodyguards, and before they had their plush offices. I will admit they have the offices before we conclude the book, but there was some work to get there.

Robyn Matthews, the “M” in C&M, is our heroine. She is a take charge woman unafraid to kick ass, and definitely not afraid to let those around her know what she’s thinking. Especially the sexy contractor, and hero of this book, Grant Sherbrooke. He’s a man that works hard, believes in honesty, and also in taking his time with a woman he knows is his future. These two have chemistry, quite opposite personalities, and work well together. And in the bedroom…well, you be the judge.

* * * * *

Whimpering when he squeezed her breast, she writhed under him when he rubbed one of his work-roughened fingertips to her nipple. She loved the contrast between them, loved how easily he could turn her on.

“More,” she gasped out. “Harder.”

Grant dipped his head to give her a hard kiss, his tongue sliding into her mouth to duel with her own. He gave her nipple a tug and hard little pinch that had her pussy clamping down on his cock. She was so fucking close to coming, and from so little stimulation. Only Grant could do that to her, and only Grant she’d ever need to do just that.

* * * * *

Don’t forget to check out the other Author’s involved today. Check out The Nuthouse Scribblers Blog. They can also be found on Twitter, and now on Facebook. Hope to see you all again soon! ~ Moira

* * * * *

dangerous-reactions2Everything has a beginning.

Grant Sherbrooke has been brought up to believe in honesty, integrity, and working hard for what you want in life. Doing things the right way hasn’t always guaranteed friends, just a rock solid reputation. When the packages begin to arrive there’s only one person he knows to turn to.

Robyn Matthews knows the value of friendship. After serving her country overseas she’s back home with her best friend to get their security agency operational. Not once in all her planning did she account for the fact she might be sideswiped by a man like Grant. And there is no way she’s letting anyone tear what they have growing to pieces.

Then in one singular moment the life Robyn’s already imagined in her mind is forever shattered. Time is not on their side as they prepare to fight a crazed man’s dangerous reactions before it’s too late.

* * * * *

For more Dangerous Reactions, check out the page.

A big thank you!

I wanted to say thank you to all the wonderful folks that came out to support Evernight at the Summer Kick Off Party yesterday. I met many a new reader, and got to chat with a few I’ve known for a while now, it was great! While I was only there for an hour everyone kept me on my toes. I really need to start thinking through my questions before I have to post them. That one about the favorite treats nearly did me in. I was dying of starvation by the end of it, and ended up raiding my cupboards rather quickly.

As always in the beginning an hour seems like forever. What am I going to talk about? What can I do to keep folks engaged? But then the hour flies by and I’m left at the tail end wondering where the time went, lol! So once more, thank you to everyone that joined us all – I had a blast.


To that end I thought I should announce my winners here on my site as well. I’ve been in contact with three so far, and am waiting on one more but they all deserve the recognition. The first three were random draws, and the last prize was me being in a giving mood. So here they are, the winners!

  1. Heart Petal Pendant + Large Bookmark ~ Jill Steinberg-Beiber
  2. “We’re All Stories” Pendant + Large Bookmark ~ Jennifer Beck
  3. $10 Amazon Gift Card ~ Cherylnne Jurgens
  4. Bonus Prize (100 “like” on Fan Page) ~ Shannon Anderson

Each of you were new names to learn, and it was great to meet you. All prizes (hard items) will be mailed next week, and electronic ones will be going out this weekend. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again. ~ Moira

Summer Kick Off Party

If you haven’t yet signed up for the Evernight Summer Kick Off Party, what are you waiting for? There will be lots of authors to talk to, lots of prizes, and lots of fun. The party starts at Noon (EST) and goes until 11 pm (EST) on Thursday May 21, 2015. I will be on with the lovely Honor James from 9 pm to 10 pm (EST), or 7 pm to 8 pm (MST). We’ll be chatting, answering your questions, doing draws, and giving things away left, right and center. Don’t miss out!

SummerKickOffClick the above image to go directly to the Facebook page to join.

Schedule (all times Eastern Standard Time):
Noon – 1pm: Sam Crescent & Jenika Snow
1pm – 2pm: Cr Moss
2pm – 3pm: Jocelyn Dex & Lorraine Nelson
3pm – 4pm: Carlene Love Flores & London Saint James
4pm – 5pm: Iyana Jenna & Ravenna Tate
5pm – 6pm: Raven McAllan & Doris O’Connor
6pm – 7pm: J. J. Lore & Jewel Quinlan
7pm – 8pm: Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy & Erin Leaf
8pm – 9pm: Wren Michaels & Terri Hoffman Rochenski
9pm – 10pm: Moira Callahan & Honor James Author / April Zyon
10 pm – 11pm: Athena Daniels & Beth D. Carter

#SexySnippets 10, Dangerous Pasts #romance #mf #suspense

SexySnippetsWelcome to another #SexySnippets Sunday on my site. It’s in the middle of our Canadian May Long weekend, and it hasn’t been a very good one. Almost makes me feel sorry for the poor fools who decided to go camping. Almost…LOL!

To continue with the C&M Security theme in celebration of my latest release, we are looking back at C&M 5 – Dangerous Pasts. This story revolves around the smartass receptionist, and first line protector of the inner sanctum of the C&M Security firm, Chandra Devons. She has a past mired in secrets that have secrets.

The other half of this books power couple is Special Agent Zachary Parker of the FBI. We met Zack in book 4 of the series when he came to San Francisco because of the three body general rule of thumb that denotes a serial killer. He makes quick friends among the C&M group, and especially with the feisty Chandra. Though with her it becomes more, and leads him to do something not very smart that has him needing to beg for her forgiveness. Lucky for him she gives it readily enough otherwise we wouldn’t have this to share…

* * * * *

Moving faster on his cock, she slipped a hand down her belly. His gaze followed the movement, and his eyes flared wide open when she slid a finger over her clit. Biting her lip, she rubbed at the tight nub slowly, knowing she was ramping up his need. The push of his cock, his hips rising to meet her every movement, proved he was on board with all she was doing.

She knew the exact moment she pushed him too far. She’d slipped her fingers down through her folds, and pressed them to either side of his cock, squeezing lightly when he pulled from her body to give him added stimulation. An instant later she found herself on her back with him looming over her, her wrists caught in his hands and pressed to the bed by her head.

* * * * *

Don’t forget to check out the other Author’s involved today. Check out The Nuthouse Scribblers Blog. They can also be found on Twitter, and now on Facebook. Hope to see you all again soon! ~ Moira

* * * * *

dangerouspastsThe past should remain where it belongs, in the past. 

Chandra Devons has a checkered past, one she’s not prepared to discuss with anyone. She’s happy with how her life is now, including the very sexy FBI agent in the spotlight of all her fantasies. But she knows it’s only a matter of time before he starts to ask questions.

Special Agent Zachary Parker of the FBI knows when someone is hiding something, and the woman in his life is most definitely keeping secrets. While this normally wouldn’t be an issue, just part of the intrigue of the opposite sex, he has the distinct impression her secrets could end up haunting them both. When Chandra is kidnapped by an unknown group, Zachary will do anything necessary to ensure she doesn’t succumb to her dangerous past.

* * * * *

For more Dangerous Pasts, check out the page.

Release Day!

dangerous-reactions2The day is finally here! I know many have been waiting on this book, thank you for being so very patient with me, but this one I could not rush. Mostly so I got everything right, but also because it is the last C&M Security book for a while. I needed it to be as close to perfect as I could make it. Okay, okay. As close to perfect as my editor, the lovely Jessica Ruth could make it. She really helped to iron out kinks I hadn’t realized were there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jessica for all your hard work.

Now that Dangerous Reactions is out I can turn my mind to other books. Mainly my newest series. The muse has been riding me hard to get a bit down every night. So I am off to the writing cave to get her off my back for the evening as soon as I give you all the links I currently have available for book 6. And here they are:

Evernight  |  Bookstrand  |  Amazon (US)  |  Amazon (CA)  |  All Romance

Of course all the links can be found on the Dangerous Reactions page at any time. Including all the ones that will go live in the next week or so. Well, I’m off to grab a snack, and settle in to do as the muse hath biddeth me to do. Have a great Friday, and an even more amazing weekend. ~ Moira

New series coming soon!

I’m very happy, and super excited to announce that I will have a new series coming soon from Evernight Publishing. I received the acceptance over the weekend, and have been floating on cloud 9 since then. I had to wait to announce it until I signed the contract of course – so I could give my readers an idea of when it will be coming out. This will be coming out July 2015 – eeee!


The new series is called “Living Victorious”. It’s a Contemporary Erotic Romance series that follows the lives of the members of the band Victorious. And it’s not all sunshine, hot babes, and wild parties. Although there will be some of that in the books as well.

The first book in this series is The Rhythm. In this book readers will meet all the band members, but become intimately familiar with the drummer, Lance West. He’s a man that prefers to stay in the background so sitting behind a set of drums is the perfect spot in his mind. It allows him to play the music that pours out of his soul, while not being in the spotlight. He’ll be getting one hell of a shock in this book as his life is flipped upside down, and all around. But the biggest shock for Lance won’t come until nearly the end of the series.

This is only my second series so far for me. It will also be one that I need to keep very close track of what happens book to book. While I let my characters have free rein for the most part I do need to keep certain aspects in mind, and try to keep them all on track so everything comes to light as it should. This may prove to me challenging.

Well that’s all I have right now. I’m off to keep working on book 2 of the series, and my other WIP that my muse seems to want to write at the same time to keep me on my toes. Have a lovely evening ~ Moira

A few things to share

Mother'sDay-TulipA massive Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there. I hope you are all enjoying your days however you want, and that your children are waiting on you hand and foot as they should be. I’m also sending lots of love to my own mother since we’re not in the same city at this moment, but I did ensure she got a little something she could enjoy all to herself. Or share if she happens to be in a benevolent mood. Love ya mom!

Today I am busy writing. I’m working on two different projects since I may have consumed a little too much sugar at some point already this morning. My muse apparently is having issues remaining focused on only one story at any given time so she has me hopping back and forth between the two. They are as different as possible with one being Contemporary, and the other Paranormal. At least I shouldn’t be bored, or run out of things to do.

The first bit of good news to share is that the second round of edits for C&M Security 6, Dangerous Reactions, has been submitted back to Evernight for another look see by my editor. I had to make one major addition to it so I think there may be a round three to come to check over any changes she felt were needed. Next on the good news train is that I’ve also seen the cover for this book, and all I can say is HOT! I’ll be sharing this very soon as well since it’s so flipping awesome.

And that I do believe is all the news I have to share today. So I will leave you all to dote on your mother’s, and enjoy the rest of this lovely, sunny Sunday. ~ Moira

#SexySnippets 9, Dangerous Circumstances #romance #mf #suspense #medical


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there on this #SexySnippet Sunday. I hope you are all being given the royal treatment you deserve for all the hard, seriously under appreciated work you do. To my own mother, thank you for not killing me when I broke your favorite vase when I was ten. I seriously appreciate it, and hope you enjoy the little indulgence I sent your way. PS – you don’t actually have to share them with dad.

We are continuing with the C&M Security theme of the last few Sundays as we get closer to the release of C&M 6. I finished the last bits of editing I needed to do yesterday, and have submitted it back for the final look by the publisher. One step closer!

C&M Security 4 is the story of C&M’s hacker extraordinaire, Denise Franklyn and her connection to the smexy doctor that helped put Rhonda back together in book 3, MacKenzie Vaughn. Denise and Mack have known one another for years, ever since the moment her parents moved them in next door to the Vaughn’s. They know pretty much everything there is to know about a person, and yet there is still one, or two important pieces neither has revealed. This weeks #SexySnippet deals with the first – the overwhelming physical attraction that they all too carefully avoided for years…

* * * * *

In and out he slid, his hand flexing on her hip each time he thrust into her body. “Mine,” he said biting at her chin. “Too long I’ve waited, but you’re mine now.”

“Always,” she agreed easily. “I’ve always been yours. Oh! There, right there, harder,” she panted out. Clawing at his back, Denise dropped her hand to his ass and took hold.

* * * * *

Don’t forget to check out the other Author’s involved today. Check out The Nuthouse Scribblers Blog. They can also be found on Twitter, and now on Facebook. Hope to see you all again soon! ~ Moira

* * * * *

dangerous-circumstancesDenise Franklyn has known Mackenzie Vaughn since she was a little girl. He’s been her best friend through all the good, and bad. For a time they drifted apart, but when trouble comes knocking on his door she’s there for him.

Mackenzie Vaughn’s career as a surgeon involves lots of tension, and rapid decision making. When someone kills his boss after a confrontation, Mack quickly becomes the prime suspect. Thankfully Denise is by his side as his name is cleared.

But the bodies keep dropping. All are individuals that are linked to Mack. As the FBI are called in all Mack can do, and hope for, is to keep Denise safe from what’s quickly becoming some very dangerous circumstances.

* * * * *

For more Dangerous Circumstances, check out the page.

Windy Wednesday

Young Cute Man Taking Shower In BathroomHappy Hump Day everyone. As the title suggests, we had ourselves a very breezy day here in the city. But that’s not all I have to share – it was generally a very weird day. It likely has everything to do with the sleep that I didn’t get last night, but I had the damnedest time trying to remember what day it was. On top of that the weirdo count went through the roof at work. No, not just talking about my co-workers – we don’t count them since they are there every day – I mean the other weirdos. The ones that wander in off the street, or call with no clear reason as to why they are calling. It’s like they want to “chat” or some silly thing. I don’t have time for “chatting” during the day. I barely have time for what I have to get done during the day.

But it is over, thank goodness. Now I can spend my evening relaxing, watching some TV, and working on my second round of edits for Dangerous Reactions, C&M Security 6. I actually have the majority done but my editor found a couple other issues that I need to clean up. Nothing major thankfully, but they are making me think. Not a good plan for tonight so I may need to wait until the brain is functioning better. I’d really hate to write myself into an even worse corner my editor has to get me out of, lol!

What else is there to talk about? Oh, yes! Coming May 21, 2015 (that’s a Thursday if you were wondering) Evernight Publishing is having a Facebook Event – Summer’s Kick-Off Event to be exact. If you’re interested in joining feel free. There will be lots of authors, lots of prizes, and who knows what mayhem might ensue. You can join by clicking here – this will take you to the Facebook Event page, and click the “join” button.

Well that’s it for now. I may, or may not have more news later – but for now I must remain quiet. I know, I’m evil even mentioning it, but that is life. Until later everyone ~ Moira