With just a bit

Of chocolate, I managed to survive the weekend. Okay, I admit, it took more than just a “bit” of chocolate. It took a great number of choco eggs and part of a choco bunny to survive the weekend with the family. But, I did survive and, now, I’m back to the grindstone.

This of course includes my “real” job and my writing. Sadly I just didn’t have the energy over the weekend to do any writing of any sort. Hell, I don’t even think I thought about writing anything now that I contemplate that just a little more. I would have had something jumped up and down in my head waving it’s little mythical arms madly screaming in it’s little mythical voice “pick me! pick me!”. Sadly nothing demanded my attention.

On another note, I went over to peek at the Coming Soon page on Evernight, eee! My first book is creeping up the list and the second one’s on it -toward the bottom of course- but on it! Eee! LOL! Very exciting I have to say and had me doing a little happy dance.

So, with April coming to a close I should be seeing first rounds of edits on Forever Kind of Love at some point soon, fingers crossed, LOL! Not overly worried, it shall come when it shall come. But, I will admit, I’m very excited to see it and the cover too. Soooooo excited to see what they’ve come up with from my, admittedly, meager offerings of details. I think I was a wee bit nervous while supplying details and I can only hope their artists can read minds. Although, most days, my mind’s a scary place to be poking about – maybe it’s best they can’t read my mind lol!

All righty then… Well, I think that’s all I have to say for tonight. Off to troll the Net and see what’s been happening while I was in the anti-Net-verse over the weekend. Have a lovely Monday and, if I missed anyone earlier, Happy Easter! ~ Moira

Happy Easter!

Since I will be sans-computer this weekend (I know, it’s horrible!), I thought I would send this out now. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and gets to eat way too much chocolate. I plan on indulging, heavily, since I won’t have a computer (ARGH!) and am really hoping it helps to keep me from wigging out.

Not placing any bets there, but I’m hopeful. I will be with my family and, while I love them all, they drive me to drink. Often.

In other news, just sent off the cover form for my latest accepted book by Evernight. This is the one that will be out in June. It is (tentatively) titled: Dangerous Times, C&M Security. It is book one of a five book series I currently have planned. There will be four books and then a prequel that will come out either part way through the series or right at the end. Not sure how I plan on mucking up your reading list yet but I will do it in a way that has you twitching. Promise.

I think that’s about it. I have a few things yet to finish getting ready for my early morning (ugh!) departure. So I think I will go do that, veg in front of the TV for a little while and then hit the sack. Good night, have a marvellous weekend, and I’ll see you on the flip side. ~ Moira

Great news

Tonight, I just got an acceptance for my second story. Holy crap! So quick too, I’m stunned and more than a little flustered. Excited and stunned. Wowza!

LOL! So I’m have a great Monday now, earlier…m’eh, not so much. It was kind of a crummy day at work, the whole having to go really sucked and then they actually insisted I had to stay! WTF! Don’t they know I could be doing much more interesting things? But, the point is, it started crummy and then I open my email after dinner and got an awesome surprise! Made it all better with just a few words.

On another note


I am a HUGE GoT (Game of Thrones) fan. I don’t know about anyone else but, because I a) have a PVR and b) taped it, I have been watching the final scenes over and over and over. It was most joyous to see how the very best thing to ever happen on the show to happen.

Last warning if you haven’t seen it!

JOFFREY IS DEAD!! WOOT! O.M.G! Finally! That little shit (great actor, pulled it off with true skill) had it coming. Pretty much from day one of his reign, he needed to be put down. That the writer waited this long… grrrr! Only thing I feel bad for is that now Tyrion has the finger being pointed at him by his psychotic sister Cersei.

Anyway, that’s all I have for tonight. I’m going to go and watch the scene a few more times. The gurgles are the very best part… ~ Moira

It really

Doesn’t get any easier the second time around. Submitting I mean. I just submitted my second story to the publisher. A wee bit different from the first book I wrote and submitted. It’s definitely harder edged with a lot of danger and (if I did it right) undercurrents through the story line.

Not sure if it will get picked up but I’m hopeful. I have a few more books planned for the series so we’ll see how the first is received before I worry too much about the others.

But, now it’s out of my hands for the moment. Which means that, in theory, I can relax and go onto other projects. In theory. Not sure how that will work but I do have a few things I need to do so I shall turn my mind to those projects while the stuff I can’t control goes about it’s business way out of my hands. Cause that just sounds like so much fun, lol!

It’s been a pretty good weekend here. A little chilly yesterday with some overcast but today is looking marvellous. Lots of sun and almost zero breeze so the heat is actually reaching our pasty flesh to help thaw us out from the cold that was winter. A very welcome and definite change. But I’m not holding my breath that it’s here to stay. I’ve lived here too long to think that we won’t see at least one last winter squall roll through. Which, considering we haven’t even hit May yet, would be pretty much a bungee jump without checking you’re hooked to anything.

So maybe I will go out and soak in some UV rays. Have a good day everyone ~ Moira

Well folks,

Evernight-FamilyIt’s official! And now I can tell you all just who my publisher will be. I’m happy to announce that I signed on with Evernight Publishing and am now a part of the family over there. Squee! Very excited.

And absolutely terrified, lol! This shit just got real people. It’s actually happening. Holy moly, it’s ACTUALLY happening. Wow! I think I need to sit down. Oh, wait, I am sitting down.

So, my first book ever will be coming out roughly in May 2014. No firm date, of course, this is still the early days. The book is titled Forever Kind of Love though this may change if the publisher feels something else would better suit. I will put up the book cover as soon as I have it but, in the mean time, if you go over to the Coming Soon tab for a little sneak peek into the story. Just remember, it’s all pre-edits so…be kind people! LOL!

All right, that’s all I’ve got for the moment. I’m off to let this sink in a little more and do some writing on the potential book 2 I might have come out. ~ Moira