Sunny Saturday

Well, it’s nice to know that the weatherman can even be wrong about bad weather occasionally too, lol! We’ve been getting plenty of sunshine today. A lovely bright blue sky, with a few very non-threatening fluffy white clouds floating along, all around a perfect day to be out and about. In my case though, it was the perfect backdrop for writing my face off.


C&M Security book 5 has been trundling along nicely. The characters, and I have been getting this puppy going. I’m only a few thousand words in, but it’s been pretty smooth overall. Had to rein them in a couple of times here and there. They were trying to get a little too far ahead of things for my piece of mind. After all, you need to set the scene, build the tension and the mystery into the story before you show all the cards in your hand. Okay, yes I’m mixing metaphors. Shush! LOL!

Basically I’m trying to say that today was a damn good day for writing. Over 4k words added, with more bubbling in my head. I may get down some more tonight, not sure yet, depends on how it all coalesces in the old brain. May need to step back for a few, and see what comes of everything that’s rumbling around. To that end, I’m off to make dinner, and maybe make a bevvie as well. To that end, I’m out of here.


Before I go though, a heads up that Evernight Publishing is having a huge Labor Day Weekend sale on the website this weekend. It goes until Monday, and all titles are 25% off. As well, All Romance is also having a huge sale on specially selected titles – including all three of my titles that are currently out, and many of the other Evernight authors. So go and take a look, maybe you’ll find something to read this weekend.

Hope you all have a wonderful night. ~ Moira

A very happy Hump Day!

Such a great day in a number of ways. Firstly it’s Wednesday, Hump Day and halfway to the weekend on the downhill slide. So that’s a huge plus! But to top it all off, I can officially say that C&M Security book 4 – Dangerous Circumstances – has been accepted by Evernight Publishing for a November release. The contract has been signed, the cover art form filled out, and sent in – so it’s as official as it gets. Yay!



In other news book 5 of the series is happily chattering away in my head, so I’m working on that. It’s going to be a bit more of a challenge for me since I’m telling most of the ending, right at the beginning. I just hope my characters know what the hell they are talking about because this could go horribly wrong real fast. Thank gawd I have my little sheet of important details readily at hand otherwise this could really be a mess, and a half.

The only thing the little buggers (aka: the characters) have yet to reveal, is how this one ends. They are keeping even me in suspense, though I get the sense they might not be too sure how this is all going to end. Hopefully we all figure it out by the time I get there, LOL!

And because I was a little distracted earlier, I figure I’ll share my distractions with you. Have a fantastic night! ~ Moira

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Getting things accomplished

Since being under the weather I hadn’t really gotten a lot done. A couple bursts of energy though definitely came through at the right time.

The first being yesterday to let me get a whack more writing done on C&M book 4. I’d gotten to a point where I feared I might have written myself into the proverbial corner. But, along with that burst of energy came some inspiration and a plot twist to explain everything, as well as keep me from backing into that corner. Got a good 7k words down yesterday before the brain called it quits and ordered me off to bed.

In other news, the first round of edits came in from Evernight. Bad news was I was in no condition to even look at them until today. Great new was that I have the fantastic Laurie Temple for my editor once again. This woman has seen me through both my previous books, keeping me and my characters in line. Couldn’t ask for a better editor.

Got all the edits done with the second wonderful burst of energy, and a lot of coffee to keep it going. Downside to that is I’m now buzzing around on caffeine so I think I’ll do some writing and burn it up while I have it.

Dangerous Secrets, C&M Security book 2 will be out sometime in July I believe. No date yet set but I will announce it as soon as I know when it will be releasing. Until then I am off to write, write, and write some more before I have to face going to work tomorrow.

10527366_284094728443222_7015729994854315924_nOh! Before I forget, just remember there is only a little over one day left to purchase a book from the Evernight and Evernight Teen sites where the book cover price, in full, will be donated to World Vision’s Education for Girls Fund. Any and all books are included in this amazing fundraiser by the Evernight team. But it must be purchased from their sites directly to count toward the grand total.

So have a lovely evening everyone ~ Moira

The gift of Education


Something amazing to discuss, but quickly, for tonight’s post since it’s nearly time to take more of my cough medication (yes I have a bit of cold, I’m surviving though).

Each year Evernight Publishing does a fundraiser event. This year they have chosen World Vision’s Education for Girls Fund. For every sale between July 14 and July 21, 2014 they will donate the FULL cover price to this cause.

For more information you can check out the page I have set up for this week only >HERE<. You can also check out Evernight Publishing’s Blog >HERE< to read what some of the author’s have answered to the question: What does education mean to you?

And, last bit of info to pass along – purchases off both the Evernight site >HERE< and the Evernight Teen site >HERE< are a part of this campaign. So, buy a book (even if it isn’t mine) and know that your money is going to the great cause of helping a young girl get an education.

All right, that’s all I have for you tonight. Go, buy, and smile! ~ Moira

I’m all giddy!

Just got word, AND signed the contract for book 3 of the C&M Security series. Tentatively titled Dangerous Lines I’m all bouncy and grinning like a goof. Which could be considered a little weird since I live alone, but on the plus side, I live alone so there’s no one here to say anything. I even got the Cover & Blurb thing back to them – I’m like super efficient or something today. At least in terms of my writing lol!

Work on the other hand was barely controlled chaos all day long. For those who haven’t been on my Facebook page and seen where I live, I live in Calgary, Alberta Canada. This is important because it’s the time of year when the city goes crazy for the Calgary Stampede. Basically it all boils down to a ten day period where everyone is a cowboy/girl. This includes business men, house wives and every single, damn tourist that comes to town. Yeah, it’s great it’s such a big thing, people come from all over the world. But, really, could they not accept the Canadian way and be semi-polite while jostling for space on the side walks. There’s room enough for everyone, I swear!

In other news, I’ve been working on C&M 4. Not as dedicatedly as I’d like but, m’eh, I’ll get there. Still looking for the “groove” I need to hit where it just flows… That and I’m still not 100% sure what this one’s about. Working on “feeling” out my characters in this book. Both of which were introduced in book 3 by-the-by. The main male had a bit, but very important role in book 3. The main female was in there a bit more though you really won’t get to see what her role in help book 3’s lead characters was until book 4. Figured it was a good tie in doing it a bit backwards.

Not sure how my editor will feel about it all – hopeful she doesn’t smack my fingers overly hard. LOL! Well, methinks that be it for the night. I have writing and plotting to do, so be good everyone. From a slightly overcast Canadian city hosting “The Biggest Outdoor Show on Earth”, I bid you good evening ~ Moira

Week’s going great

So far anyway, lol! Yesterday wasn’t too bad, except for the drenching I got as I dashed semi-quickly home from work. I was definitely more than just a little soggy by the time I got here. There was much squish-squish happening as I dripped my way to my place. I hate having wet shoes – nasty!

Plus side though, got my contract signed, and sent off for book 2 of the C&M Security series. As well as doing up the blurb/cover art sheet – that went back to Evernight Publishing as well. Did some writing and I think I may even have an idea for book 3 in this series. It’s vague right now so I’m just letting it rumble around in my head.

Stayed up a bit too late last night and then just couldn’t fall asleep. Not because my brain was spinning but because I honestly couldn’t get comfortable. Damnedest thing too. Especially given what I spent on my awesome mattress. Frickin’ thing cost nearly a very large mortgage payment – if I paid mortgage that is. But it was a Christmas gift so, in my humble opinion, well worth it. I love my bed. My bed is awesome! But last night we just weren’t in the groove together.

I had a LOT of coffee today to combat my need to sleep. That and I needed to try, I said “try”, to keep my wandering mind focused. I think I left my brain in bed this morning because I was seriously disorganized and mildly chaotic. I did, somehow, manage to get a lot of work done though. Not a fucking clue how! Really, I have no idea how the hell I managed it.

Well, that’s it for the moment. I think I’ll go hunt down something for dessert and vegetate in front of the TV and computer for a like. Have a good night ~ Moira

Just got word

That another of my books, this one the second in the C&M Security series, was accepted by Evernight. Still have to do the whole contract signing and such but it’s nice to know it didn’t get lost. LOL! Yeah, I was a little concerned it might have, but I should have known better. Only bad thing about submitting when the staff is off partying, you get stuck wondering just a little longer.

It’s a great way to end the weekend and start the new week I must admit. Will definitely make whatever work decides to throw my way a little easier to swallow. Hopefully.

On the new works front I finally have my Paranormal’s in line. Little buggers. Got a good start on them today and it seems to be flowing quite well. Unfortunately for one of the male characters he’s going to have to do a bit of work to win over the girl from the way this one’s going. M’eh, what’s a little suffering in the name of love right?

Oh! Finished up the Graceland marathon I had going. Very interesting ending I have to say. That and I cannot wait for the new season to begin here in June. Very excited to see where they take this. Now, I’m not huge on TV. I do have a couple series I watch but I’m really a movie person. Though I will admit that I tend to have the TV on while I’m writing, mostly for background noise and to give me something to focus on when I’m trying to think through a section I’m writing. I will say though that, if season two is anywhere near as good as season one was, I have myself another show to watch.

Well, I do believe that is it for the night. Just had to share the good news with everyone before I burst or something equally icky. ~ Moira

Long weekend

keep-calm-its-the-long-weekend-2Well, so far weather wise, this long weekend kinda sucks. I’m very happy I have three blissful days off from the hell I call my day job. But really, some sunshine would not be amiss here Mother Nature.

On the plus side though I got my second instalment of the C&M Security series finished and submitted to Evernight for consideration. We shall see if they want to take it on and keep the series going. I have a feeling I won’t hear right away as I know most of the staff is off in NOLA for a conference there. From the sounds of things they are all having a blast and that’s marvelous. I may just have to join them next year wherever it might be lol!

In other news I’m working on another new story since my paranormals aren’t working out quite right and I’m thinking of coming at that from a different direction entirely. The new story may be a short, not sure yet. It will be a standalone for sure, that I do know right now. It just sort of popped into my head and I’ve been getting it down as fast as I can as accurately as I can manage. Should be a fun little read I hope.

Well, that’s about it from under a bunch of cloud cover. I’m off to keep plotting ~ Moira

Planet Alpha from Evernight Publishing

Announcing Evernight Publishing’s exclusive series…

The year is 2050. Earth is quickly becoming uninhabitable. The seven continents are shrinking as flooding devastates the land masses. Crime and disorder are rampant among the dwindling human population.

There are only two safe havens in the galaxy capable of supporting humanoid life. Xyran is a world of power-hungry demons and Planet Alpha is home to a fearless warrior race.

The males on Planet Alpha need mates. Infertility has plagued their race for decades. The answer lies on Earth where tempting females are waiting to be saved. When their enemies attempt to claim the spoils of a dying world, only the strongest will get their prize.

* * * * *

BONDMATE by J.J. Lore:

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Look for more PLANET ALPHA books coming soon to Evernight Publishing!

That wasn’t

Really so bad. The edits I mean, lol! A couple cups of coffee and a few minutes to read the editors notes and it went pretty smooth. There was really only a couple of times she, my editor, stumped me. One was over a word choice which, I admit, I had to dig the Thesaurus out to figure out what I wanted to use instead of the word in there. The second was something that was actually pretty easy to fix, once the caffeine kicked in.

So, I’ll give them one more read through and then shoot them back. Might as well. They gave me two weeks to get them done but it’s a really, really short story so I don’t think that time’s needed, at all. I will also admit to adding in a little note to my editor for being so kind to me for the first round. Laurie was an absolute doll and even put in a few amused comments about various parts. I even got a couple “I LOVE this!” out of her, woohoo! LOL! It’s nice to know that you can make your editor grin in between making her grind her teeth at your use of comma’s and stuff.

Yes, I admit I am an idiot when it comes to comma’s and, apparently, some issues with sentence structure. Again, that whole advice about “write how you speak” is coming back to bite me in the ass. But she was kind about it, thank goodness, and hopefully I will take something away from this. Like maybe a slightly better understanding of the English language structuring.

Likely not, but I hold out hope!

Whew! Now that that is out of the way and sent back in, I think I will switch over to something with a little more punch in the beverage department. That and figure out what I feel like cooking for dinner since about 99.999% of things are seriously frozen at the moment. Then I think I will dig out my latest WIP and see if I can’t beat some of these damned characters into some form of submission.

Until later everyone ~ Moira