Ahhh, Friday

Finally! It was a long, long week. Thankfully it is over. Unfortunately I know just how the next one’s going to start – not very pleased about that part. Not much to do about it though, so I shall enjoy my weekend, and ignore the fact it will be over far too soon.

This weekends big plans involve doing up edits on C&M Security, book one. I would have done them sooner but I just couldn’t concentrate, had a headache the one night, and was just too damn tired the rest of the time. So, tomorrow while I ingest mass quantities of coffee I will be reading through all the little notes my editor likely has in there. Oh, there will be many I’m sure.

I am hopeful though that it’s not overly horrendous. Oh, how I feel for you my poor editor. I do hope I’m learning though. Slowly I shall be the first to admit, but I truly think I am learning a bit of this. So we shall see. I did open it enough to see who the editor was, and read her first comments. But that was all I could manage since my head was just not in the game. Hell, I had to read it four times just to get what she was saying. All good in that initial comment I will say, thank God.

After I sweat my way through the edits I think I’ll get some writing done. I really haven’t done much this past week. I’ve got my path I intend to take on C&M 3, it should be great if it writes the way I think it will. As long as my characters don’t get all up in arms and decide to take over running the show. I never know with them, they are a bunch of characters for sure…HA!

Well, that’s it for me. I think it will be a nice and lazy night tonight. Have a great night, sweet dreams, and have a wonderful weekend ~ Moira

Allergy season…

The “official” start of Spring for me. Gotta love the red, watering eyes, the runny nose, and the uncontrollable sneezes that can clear a room. I was ready for it though, as I am every season. Thankfully, for me at least, it doesn’t last very long. A couple three weeks and then I’m fine for the rest of the season. It’s the dust, nasty shit, from after the winter as they do the street clean up, and people mow and de-thatch their lawns for the first time of the season. Snow mold/first mowing dust is my biggest enemy. I can’t mow a lawn, at any time in the season, without being pumped full of Benadryl.

On the other hand, it’s FRIDAY! Woohoo! LOL! So I have the weekend to get my snotty nosed self (literal meaning here) under control before I have to return to the workplace. The fact it will be a relatively lovely weekend, weather wise, is a huge plus. Maybe I’ll get out for an hour here and there to get some color into my poor native white Canadian ass. At least enough to not blind strangers as we pass on the street. Thank goodness I can tan. Being part Irish it was kind of a coin toss right from the start. Not everyone in my family got lucky on that particular draw.

Other plans for the weekend include some movie watching while I write book 3 of the C&M Security series. I will also likely be working on my paranormal book since it seems to finally be shaping into something tangible. Nothing else new on the horizon until I get these two written. Figured two at a time was more than enough but there are plenty of ideas I’ve been jotting down for upcoming books in the C&M Security series. Should be a good little series.

Well, that would be it! I’m off to hunt down some ice cream and poke at some paranormals for a bit. Night all ~ Moira

Just chillin’

Had a very relaxed day at work, huge shocker, but given the rather sunny conditions out of doors it was overly surprising. Pretty sure most of the city cleared out for camping this weekend. Happens rather regularly when the weather looks great – but this is Canada, that shit will change fast and you could very well wake up under six feet of snow trying to dig out of your tent. Yeah, that sounds like the bees knees of fun ways to spend a weekend. Not!

Working on a couple of stories right now. One may, may not, be a new series but I’m not overly concerned just yet. Still gotta write the damned thing LOL! The other one I’m still getting a feel for but it’s definitely of a paranormal vibe. Not my original thought but a new and decidedly odd one. It all started with a wayward thought, a TV show and Pepsi shooting out of my nose during a sneeze I shouldn’t have tried to stifle. It was NOT pretty around here for a bit after that.

It was the oddest thing too, it just kinda popped into my head. So off I went – after wiping down several surfaces to save them from the snorted pop – and jotted down my notes. It’s very rough, but most starter stories are. So we shall see what we shall see as this develops.

Well, I’m off to grab a hot bubbly bath and maybe something to drink. Night! ~ Moira

Time’s a draggin’

Ugh. It’s a long weekend up here in Canada this weekend. But it’s taking so-o-o-o long to get here! Why? Oh why couldn’t it have been Friday already? Ugh.

I desperately need one of these. One where I’m not dashing out of town to help out the parents. One where I can just be in my jammies all the time and to hell with any need to go outside. One where I might actually get all my cleaning done early so I can enjoy the entire time stress and worry and anything else free. Ah, now there’s a lovely thought.

In other news I’m getting close on my WIP. I hit a speed bump a few days ago and had to do a fix to get it rolling again. I don’t know what I was thinking trying to write while utterly exhausted, not very smart at all. I do not write well when my brain is mush. But! I’m back on track once more and it’s going well once more. I might be a smidge behind my original schedule for completion but I don’t think it will be by much. Finish it up this weekend, do a little polishing and the ever important spell check and then submit.

I may end up waiting until Tuesday to submit, the Monday being the official holiday here, but other than that I shouldn’t be more than a day behind on my “plan”. Ha! Like I really ever have a plan lol! Well, I think that’s it. Sushi is on the menu tonight so I’m outta here folks ~ Moira

Hello you gorgeous

Friday you! Long time no see. Where the hell have you been hiding you sexy beast? Guess it doesn’t really matter, you came back and, really, that’s what truly matters. And you brought your friend the weekend along with you! Perfect.

With it being the weekend I figure I’ll do a bunch of writing in between the usual household chores that are a must each week. And I think too, since I know my first release is coming up in the next month, that I shall turn my mind to what to do for this first release. It is epic, of course, firsts always are. So I will need to do something epic to memorialize it. Not the first clue yet what, but I will rack my brain and pick my friends too as she’s done this once or twice…or so.

So yeah, that’s where I’m at this slightly overcast and mildly chilly Friday evening. But, I have a bit of time yet – still have to see edits before I truly panic – so I will let the ideas mull around and go from there. Until then ~ Moira

Holy mother

Of a brain fry! Damn it. How can one persons brain be so cooked and exhausted? Mine brain is like mush, soggy mush at that.

I was doing well until the caffeine started to clear my system. Obviously I should’ve had that extra XL coffee today, lol! But I didn’t, I resisted the seductive lure of the caffeinated beverage and now am paying the price. It’s not even nine and I’m ready to crawl into bed.

But, I am resisting that siren’s lure as well, otherwise I’ll be up at some ungodly early hour of the morning. I don’t do the butt crack of dawn well, especially on weekends. Those are my days to sleep in, to relax and to just vegetate. Though I will have to do some laundry I fear. Otherwise I will have to wear my jammies to work all next week. Which, in my mind isn’t a bad thing. But the boss frowns on that shit. Which, given his wardrobe, he really shouldn’t be casting stones.

So yes, sleeping in, laundry and some writing I think is the plan for the weekend. Which, given how nasty ass cold it’s supposed to be, is a damned fine plan by me. No way in hell am I going out of doors unless it’s an absolute emergency. In other words, if I run out of Pepsi, I’m going out in that nasty shit come hell or high waters.

But I might be slightly addicted to the Pepsi. Thankfully there are no AA sort of meetings around here for Pepsi drinkers lol! Otherwise I might be guilted into attending. Doubtful, but you never know.

And now that I’ve totally been rambling on for a good ten minutes, I’m going to find something to watch for an hour and then crashing for the night. ~ Moira

Hello Friday

So nice to see you again, you really need to visit more you know. This once a week bullshit is just not working for me. And really, who the heck came up with a five day work week and two day weekend?! That just feels so backwards to me.

Oh well, until I’m either rich and/or famous, I suppose I will have to just suck it up and deal. Come on fairy godmother! Where are you at woman?! LOL!

It was one hell of a week though at the DJ (day job for future reference). Had someone out the entire week, unexpectedly of course, which made for one big damn mess. But, I survived and treated myself to a little sushi for lunch and Italian for dinner. Probably not the best plan but since I don’t have anyone to impress tonight I’ll just keep the windows open to ensure I don’t gas myself to death.

No plans for the weekend except the usual. Pay some bills, do some writing and surf the Net here and there. Though I may go and check out a shoe sale. Also heard that one of the shops around here was having a handbag sale. Now that, that could get me in trouble. Shoes I’m just not into. I have a few pairs but really, not my thing. Purses though can get me purring fast and usually burning through my card even faster. Damn these people for making such pretty accessories!

Well, I think that’s it for the moment. I am off to go and catch up with my characters and see what mayhem we can all unleash as a collective. Have a good one ~ Moira


So happy it’s Friday!

I live for Friday’s, that means I have two uninterrupted days to write and do whatever the hell I want. Did laundry already so all I really have to worry about first thing tomorrow is a bit of cleaning.

And, major bonus, it’s supposed to warm up tomorrow! YAY! I can get out and do some shit finally without worrying about freezing something important off. Which, really, I’ve been worrying about a lot in the last few weeks. Though, I will honestly admit, I haven’t had it nearly as bad as some places in Canada. Some places have set record lows. That is not now, nor ever, a fucking record you want to set!

So, what’s the writing game plan for the weekend? Not a clue but I do know that I need to get something new started. It’s either that or sit around and drive myself crazy waiting to hear from the publisher I sent my first book in to.

Well, I think that about does it, I’m off to watch a movie. Night ~ Moira