Day three of a four day weekend

Well, obviously I needed the time off! Without family obligations, hordes of running around, or dozens of projects to see to. Because, finally, I’ve got C&M book 3 done! That’s right, done. I’ve gone through the spell check, grammar check as far as I can figure it out (thank goodness for editors), and written up the synopsis. Which is really one of my least favourite parts of writing. But, it’s completed and ready to send off.

All I need to do now is package it up, hit send, and then it’s out of my hands. It feels really good to get this sucker done, lol! It gave me more than a couple grey hairs I think. Not that anyone will ever know for sure, wink-wink.

Of course, with C&M 3 out of the way I now need to start plotting on the fourth instalment. I already know who the characters will be, had that figured out a while back actually. The only book that was completely unexpected, yet insisted on being written, was book 2 of the series. It just came to me, but didn’t fit any of the set characters I already had planned. So, with a shrug, I tossed it into the mix. Which I think was a really smart plan. While I obviously plan most of the stories to a degree, a surprise here and there along the way isn’t amiss.

It fits in well with the rest of the books, showed a little more as well as a different look at C&M, the staff and their jobs, and it brought one of the characters (a main in book 3) out a little more. All in all it was a very happy little surprise.

Well, it’s about dinner time around here so I’m going to go and send off my stuff to Evernight and start cooking. Hope everyone has a lovely evening ~ Moira

Day one of a four day weekend

Yup, that’s right! I got me a four day weekend. With Canada Day on Tuesday the boss said to hell with it, we’re not working Monday. The reality is, he didn’t want to work on Monday since he wanted to go out to his trailer to spend the weekend on the lake. Don’t blame him, the weather today is freakin’ fantastic! From the forecast, except for a “possible chance of precipitation” the four days look like they will be stellar.

Which means I have four days to write, write and write some more. On day one, today, I slept in. I’ve been battling a bit of a head cold on top of my yearly bout of allergies. It’s been a challenge but with my buddy the Kleenex box at my side, I’ve been making it through. Beyond a bit of sinus ache, it’s actually not all that bad this year around. We’ve had just enough rain to help with the dust issue that always arises right around this time. It’s one of my bigger allergy issues, that and the dry crap that’s kicked up when people mow and de-thatch their lawns for the first couple times of the year. Yes, I’m horribly allergic to the dust kicked up by mowed lawns. If I even get a whiff of a freshly mowed lawn at this time of year I will travel four blocks out of my way to avoid it just so I don’t have the wonderful seizing in my lungs. Can’t avoid it entirely, but I damn well try for the first bit. After the first month though it doesn’t much affect me, unless I’m the poor sucker out there doing the mowing. Which, as I have no lawn thanks to apartment living, I don’t ever have to do.

Up to bat on the writing front is C&M book 3. Still need to finish this sucker off. So I have my TV playing softly in the background, coffee at my elbow, and this sucker is getting done this weekend. Come hell or… Okay, given where I live, I’m not finishing that. Since we had high water’s last year and I’m not temping Fate or anything else. *knocking on wood*

With all that in mind, I’m off to do some writing. Hope you all have a lovely weekend ~ Moira

Release Day!

So excited! A second book bearing my name out there for the world to see. Oh boy, yeah, better not think on that too long or I’ll be needing myself a paper bag. LOL! Just kidding.

There was a minor snafu with Amazon, they were having a few technology issues – happens to the best of us after all. But, like the troopers they are, they got things sorted out and my book is up. Hopefully everyone else’s as well affected by this small glitch. I didn’t really worry about it overly much, since I knew they’d figure it out in time. Besides, I was at work so that kept me from thinking about it for too long.

I will admit to looking for it as soon as I got home though. And there it was, in all it’s sexy glory – look at that cover, it’s HAWT! I keep wanting to nibble on that male model, just a little. Okay, enough of that, other things to talk about… All the links I currently have (sorry iTunes and B&N folks) are up on the Dangerous Times page. The other links will come as the individual sites get everything lined up on their ends.

Overall it was good day, not much happening at work, work wise. My one co-worker, the lady I’ve worked with personally for a number of years, left today. Off into the retirement sunset. Lucky bitch. We sent her off in a fashion she approved of, very low key, yet she knew just how much I was going to miss her. The fact I was hanging onto her leg like a two year old in the midst of mother leaving for the first time may have been a clue. My screaming “You can’t go!” may have also led to the belief I’ll miss her dreadfully. I will, but she deserves this, she put in forty years with the company, definitely time to get out and enjoy life a little.

I get myself a super-duper long weekend this weekend. Canada Day is on the Tuesday so the boss is giving us the Monday off, woohoo! That’s a four, yes 4, day weekend. Hot damn! I plan on writing, writing and doing some more writing. It will be great. I can tidy up and work on C&M book 3, maybe even submit it. Then I intend to work on the paranormal story that’s been bugging me for the last while, get some of that down on paper. More than what I currently have I mean.

Well, that’s it, I need to go and do some advertising I think. Have a wonderful evening folks! ~ Moira

Long weekend

keep-calm-its-the-long-weekend-2Well, so far weather wise, this long weekend kinda sucks. I’m very happy I have three blissful days off from the hell I call my day job. But really, some sunshine would not be amiss here Mother Nature.

On the plus side though I got my second instalment of the C&M Security series finished and submitted to Evernight for consideration. We shall see if they want to take it on and keep the series going. I have a feeling I won’t hear right away as I know most of the staff is off in NOLA for a conference there. From the sounds of things they are all having a blast and that’s marvelous. I may just have to join them next year wherever it might be lol!

In other news I’m working on another new story since my paranormals aren’t working out quite right and I’m thinking of coming at that from a different direction entirely. The new story may be a short, not sure yet. It will be a standalone for sure, that I do know right now. It just sort of popped into my head and I’ve been getting it down as fast as I can as accurately as I can manage. Should be a fun little read I hope.

Well, that’s about it from under a bunch of cloud cover. I’m off to keep plotting ~ Moira

Time’s a draggin’

Ugh. It’s a long weekend up here in Canada this weekend. But it’s taking so-o-o-o long to get here! Why? Oh why couldn’t it have been Friday already? Ugh.

I desperately need one of these. One where I’m not dashing out of town to help out the parents. One where I can just be in my jammies all the time and to hell with any need to go outside. One where I might actually get all my cleaning done early so I can enjoy the entire time stress and worry and anything else free. Ah, now there’s a lovely thought.

In other news I’m getting close on my WIP. I hit a speed bump a few days ago and had to do a fix to get it rolling again. I don’t know what I was thinking trying to write while utterly exhausted, not very smart at all. I do not write well when my brain is mush. But! I’m back on track once more and it’s going well once more. I might be a smidge behind my original schedule for completion but I don’t think it will be by much. Finish it up this weekend, do a little polishing and the ever important spell check and then submit.

I may end up waiting until Tuesday to submit, the Monday being the official holiday here, but other than that I shouldn’t be more than a day behind on my “plan”. Ha! Like I really ever have a plan lol! Well, I think that’s it. Sushi is on the menu tonight so I’m outta here folks ~ Moira

Writing like mad

First off, Happy Mothers Day to all the mom’s out there, mine in particular. As well, a very happy birthday to my mother. Gotta love it when I can send one big gift and cover both LOL! But I always go big or go home, you have to with your mother. After all, as mine so quaintly likes to put it (though I am paraphrasing slightly), she brought me into this world and she can damn well take me out. Now all I have to do is call and sing her a big ol’ happy b-day. And I can’t sing – but hell, it’s tradition now and expected.

While I await the golden hour to call her I’ve been working on my second instalment to my series. I’m hoping to have it finished either today or possibly tomorrow and then I can submit it and hope they accept it. I’m relatively sure they will but one never knows until the message comes through. But that’s the worries for later. First I need to finish the damned thing, lol!

I’m getting close to the big finish, just some details to slip in here and there leading up to the final reveal of the bad guy for this one. While both stories are romances there’s also an edge of mystery to them as well and some intrigue. That’s sort of the goal of the series. Give the readers something to hang onto while the relationship between the main characters develop and, hopefully, give them a satisfactory ending to the build up of what brought the characters together in the first place. It definitely wasn’t originally planned to go this way but I’m working with what my characters are giving me. And this is the path they chose so I’m just trucking along and hoping for the very best.

Thankfully the editors over at Evernight have been awesome so far. Well, the one I’ve worked with to this point has been awesome. I do still have my comma problem but I’ve been desperately trying to work on it. Trying to use them only when they are actually needed and work with the sentence structure. I guess we’ll see when edits come back if I’ve managed to tame them a little. I’m hopeful but thinking I have a ways yet to go.

Well, I think that’s it for today. Off to go write some sex into my book and figure out what dinner will be for tonight. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and, again, Happy Mothers Day to all the mom’s out there. You are awesome, you are strong and you help us find our paths in life. Never give up ~ Moira

With just a bit

Of chocolate, I managed to survive the weekend. Okay, I admit, it took more than just a “bit” of chocolate. It took a great number of choco eggs and part of a choco bunny to survive the weekend with the family. But, I did survive and, now, I’m back to the grindstone.

This of course includes my “real” job and my writing. Sadly I just didn’t have the energy over the weekend to do any writing of any sort. Hell, I don’t even think I thought about writing anything now that I contemplate that just a little more. I would have had something jumped up and down in my head waving it’s little mythical arms madly screaming in it’s little mythical voice “pick me! pick me!”. Sadly nothing demanded my attention.

On another note, I went over to peek at the Coming Soon page on Evernight, eee! My first book is creeping up the list and the second one’s on it -toward the bottom of course- but on it! Eee! LOL! Very exciting I have to say and had me doing a little happy dance.

So, with April coming to a close I should be seeing first rounds of edits on Forever Kind of Love at some point soon, fingers crossed, LOL! Not overly worried, it shall come when it shall come. But, I will admit, I’m very excited to see it and the cover too. Soooooo excited to see what they’ve come up with from my, admittedly, meager offerings of details. I think I was a wee bit nervous while supplying details and I can only hope their artists can read minds. Although, most days, my mind’s a scary place to be poking about – maybe it’s best they can’t read my mind lol!

All righty then… Well, I think that’s all I have to say for tonight. Off to troll the Net and see what’s been happening while I was in the anti-Net-verse over the weekend. Have a lovely Monday and, if I missed anyone earlier, Happy Easter! ~ Moira

Happy Easter!

Since I will be sans-computer this weekend (I know, it’s horrible!), I thought I would send this out now. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and gets to eat way too much chocolate. I plan on indulging, heavily, since I won’t have a computer (ARGH!) and am really hoping it helps to keep me from wigging out.

Not placing any bets there, but I’m hopeful. I will be with my family and, while I love them all, they drive me to drink. Often.

In other news, just sent off the cover form for my latest accepted book by Evernight. This is the one that will be out in June. It is (tentatively) titled: Dangerous Times, C&M Security. It is book one of a five book series I currently have planned. There will be four books and then a prequel that will come out either part way through the series or right at the end. Not sure how I plan on mucking up your reading list yet but I will do it in a way that has you twitching. Promise.

I think that’s about it. I have a few things yet to finish getting ready for my early morning (ugh!) departure. So I think I will go do that, veg in front of the TV for a little while and then hit the sack. Good night, have a marvellous weekend, and I’ll see you on the flip side. ~ Moira