Release Day!

dangerous-linesYay! It’s release day for C&M Security book 3, Dangerous Lines. I, and several readers, have been waiting anxiously for this book. It is Vincent, and Rhonda’s story. I have a few links below for the sites that are quick about such things, with more to follow in the days (or weeks) to come. I knew I had to write this story from the moment I introduced Rhonda in book 1. At the time I wasn’t entirely sure who would be her counterpart, and then it clicked – Vincent Bradley of course. They were like oil and water from moment one, which meant they were damn well getting a book together.

Once again I absolutely have to thank my editor, Ms. Laurie Temple, for helping me to smooth out the wrinkles in this story. There were definitely a couple since I got a little lost in the characters a few times, and forgot things like how to make well constructed sentences. Oi! Thank goodness for editors who understand an author occasionally becomes distracted by the voices that natter at them at all hours, and from all angles.

In other news we are approaching October which will signify the beginning of the Birthday Celebration for my publisher, Evernight. They will be a whopping 4 years. Lots of great things to come out of that, so definitely stay tuned for all the news that comes in the next few days.

Now, where you can buy Dangerous Lines, C&M Security 3 as of today:


Amazon (US):

Amazon (CDN):


All Romance:

There you have it everyone! And now I am off to do something productive, like working on book 5 of the series. Cheers! ~ Moira

A very happy Hump Day!

Such a great day in a number of ways. Firstly it’s Wednesday, Hump Day and halfway to the weekend on the downhill slide. So that’s a huge plus! But to top it all off, I can officially say that C&M Security book 4 – Dangerous Circumstances – has been accepted by Evernight Publishing for a November release. The contract has been signed, the cover art form filled out, and sent in – so it’s as official as it gets. Yay!



In other news book 5 of the series is happily chattering away in my head, so I’m working on that. It’s going to be a bit more of a challenge for me since I’m telling most of the ending, right at the beginning. I just hope my characters know what the hell they are talking about because this could go horribly wrong real fast. Thank gawd I have my little sheet of important details readily at hand otherwise this could really be a mess, and a half.

The only thing the little buggers (aka: the characters) have yet to reveal, is how this one ends. They are keeping even me in suspense, though I get the sense they might not be too sure how this is all going to end. Hopefully we all figure it out by the time I get there, LOL!

And because I was a little distracted earlier, I figure I’ll share my distractions with you. Have a fantastic night! ~ Moira

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Release Day!

dangerous-secretsHappy day, oh happy day! Book 2 from the C&M Security series is finally here. It’s up on several sites (links below) with the rest coming as soon as the other sites get things all sorted out. You know, the I’s dotted, and the T’s crossed. This was a fun book to write, though I did give my wonderful editor -Ms. Laurie Temple- a serious editing workout. She got through it, so too did I and I think we managed to create a damn fine book. Me thinking up all the crazy, and her reining me back in with hits of reality.

I really need to write a Paranormal book soon I think. Maybe once I get the rest of the C&M series out of the way. Still working on book 4 and then I have at least 2 more planned after that. Book 5 could be the end of the series, and then I’m doing a prequel story with Robyn and her man to show how they met, give even more background on the C&M group as well as how the business all got started. But that’s down the road.

For now it’s celebration day as book 2 releases with big smiles from me. The sun is out (sorta), the weather is humid and mostly dry (except for a two minute “rain shower”) and my book looks so pretty! Another wonderful cover by Sour Cherry Designs, she’s keeping the theme real well. Hot men, lovely ladies, and sexual energy pouring off the cover. Seriously though, she seems to know just what my books needed to give them that extra je ne sais quoi. C’est spectaculaire!

Anyway, I’m off to plug my book a little bit on some of the social media sites. Be good my dearies. Oh, and before I totally forget, I am doing up a newsletter so if you’d like to be kept up to date on all the latest and greatest coming from me, please sign up. The link is also below or you can find it on my side bar, aptly titled – *NEWSLETTER SIGNUP*. Note: The link will take you off my site to the sign up form. ~ Moira

Where you can buy Dangerous Secrets, C&M Security book 2 as of today:


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All Romance:

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Whole new meaning to Wet Wednesday…

The weather is dreadful, raining and nasty cold out there. It has been raining on and off all day long. It’s only just picked up in the last hour or so, the temps dropped and the clouds have lowered enough that it’s truly dismal out there. Ick!

To commemorate this gawd awful day of wet weather I’m getting into the spirit of things with a Wet Wednesday slide show of naked, wet men. All of whom should raise the temperature just a little bit more. These are all images I got out of my purchased file folder – so I have no clue who any of them are, but I really wish I knew at least…well, maybe…screw it, I want to know them all!

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And, because what would a Wet Wednesday be without the one, the only, the original…


Oh yeah, I went there. Matthew Broderick as Ferris Bueller of course.

All right, I’m off to keep working on my C&M Security book 3 -title yet to be decided- and see if I can’t make my characters nice and uncomfortable for a bit. Before I make them all run for their little lives. It’s good to be in charge of such things, lol!

Have a great night ~ Moira

Just chillin’

Had a very relaxed day at work, huge shocker, but given the rather sunny conditions out of doors it was overly surprising. Pretty sure most of the city cleared out for camping this weekend. Happens rather regularly when the weather looks great – but this is Canada, that shit will change fast and you could very well wake up under six feet of snow trying to dig out of your tent. Yeah, that sounds like the bees knees of fun ways to spend a weekend. Not!

Working on a couple of stories right now. One may, may not, be a new series but I’m not overly concerned just yet. Still gotta write the damned thing LOL! The other one I’m still getting a feel for but it’s definitely of a paranormal vibe. Not my original thought but a new and decidedly odd one. It all started with a wayward thought, a TV show and Pepsi shooting out of my nose during a sneeze I shouldn’t have tried to stifle. It was NOT pretty around here for a bit after that.

It was the oddest thing too, it just kinda popped into my head. So off I went – after wiping down several surfaces to save them from the snorted pop – and jotted down my notes. It’s very rough, but most starter stories are. So we shall see what we shall see as this develops.

Well, I’m off to grab a hot bubbly bath and maybe something to drink. Night! ~ Moira

Release Day!

FKOLIt’s here! It’s here! Oh my gawd, it’s here! Sadly I had to work through most of it but that’s okay, it kept my mind off the nerves I figure would have kicked in had I actually had any time to contemplate it all. And now that I’m home, I’m contemplating it and hello nerves LOL! I really hope this gets easier as I go along otherwise I may need to figure out how to expense a relaxation day at a spa or something.

On other fronts my second book for my series C&M Security is going very well. Been putting in some heavy duty time on it and it’s just trundling along amazingly well. I have reached a certain point in the book though where I’m trying to decide where to let the characters go. They are all screaming “let us break in!” while my head is going “that’s a bad, bad idea”. I’m leaning towards listening to my head on this one mainly because I’m not sure I want my poor characters to be *cough* criminals *cough* even for a good cause.

Sorry boys, no breaking and entering is in your future. Don’t need to let these guys set that sort of precedent. Who knows what else they’d talk me into in the future. Let your characters do one little break in and then they think they can do anything. Nope, not happening.

Well, I think that’s all I have for tonight. All the buy links have been added to the Forever Kind of Love page that are currently available. I’ll add more in as they go live. Have a wonderful night all ~ Moira

Happy Hump Day!

Thank goodness it’s mid-week. I don’t know why but this week has been terribly exhausting! Of course, the weather isn’t helping any either, Mother Nature appears to be off her meds or something because she’s extremely indecisive about what crap to dump on us. Thankfully the snow prediction has been removed (WOOHOO!). But now it sounds like there’s to be rain.

That’s good, some water is a good thing, everything’s so damned dusty right now a bit of rain to wash it away would be welcome. Especially for me (and all others with allergies) as I’m allergic to dust. And it’s damn dusty right now. On the plus side it might help to green things up too which, given how grey and dismal everything is, would be a welcome change for sure.

In other news, lol!, I started my new book. The paranormal ménage one that is, just for clarity. I decided to start with trouble looming, felt it was the right move for this series and would help to set the tone. Unfortunately my damn characters are a little hesitant about speaking up and giving me the goods. Assholes, one and all I tell you! LOL!

I’m not actually all that concerned as I’m still trying to figure out my core theme to the series. I’ve played with a few ideas but I have found that I seem to be leaning to tried and true too much. I want something new, different, unusual. But since I’m that kind of girl (different and unusual I mean) I have to have my stories follow the same guideline. So, for the time being, it is slow going as I slowly figure out just where this series might, possibly, be going.

I think that’s about it, don’t want to bore you all horribly with my random mutterings. So I will bid you adieu for tonight ~ Moira

I got it

Finished. My latest WIP I mean. Done, completed, ended. Sooooo happy!

It’s off with a friend for the first read through to give me some thoughts, insights and all that other stuff from a non-biased-about-how-wonderful-it-is point of view. After that I’ll give it another read through and, hopefully, find anything I goofed up on before I dare to submit it. Course, I’m still flinching over a boo-boo I left in on the first one I subbed so I’ll be giving this one a really thorough look over.

And, because my brain is apparently not taking any down time, I already have another one beginning to form in my head. So far all I see is ménage, shifters (unknown what sort yet) and a fight to the death. This will be my first ménage and also my first paranormal that I’ll be writing in the hopes of submitting. I love paranormal romance, love, love, love! it. I’ve been a fan for years of the paranormal romance genre. Heck, I have bookshelves full of paranormal romance (intermingled with historical romance, contemporary romance, mysteries, horror and a few others that don’t just fit one genre) that basically got me into writing. All those amazing authors and their wild and amazing worlds are to fault. I fully blame them! Shame on you, you wonderful and sensation writers you!

On another topic, sorry ahead of time for this, what the EVER LIVING FUCK IS UP WITH FACEBOOK?! Okay, I know that’s bad, using a question mark and then an exclamation mark but pfft!, it’s my page. And my rant. Seriously, what drug addled fool actually thought that screwing with the way Facebook was set up (again I should mention) was a bright idea? Really?! (I know, I know – shush) First they change how things are seen, then they change how things are secured, then they change how we (the users) get feeds from sites – sites we LIKED!!!! I should mention – because “they know best” (NOT!) and now they are changing the entire flow of shit…AGAIN! This would be why people are annoyed with you Facebook. Really? You aren’t getting this point yet? Do you not actually read and listen to the stuff people TELL you? Obviously not because, if you did, you’d know that not one of us actual users like the fact you keep screwing with our pages. Especially without the option of, oh I don’t know, opting the fuck out of your hair brained ideas!

Okay, end of rant. I’m sorry…but I had to say something. It’s been bugging my ass since I signed on today (I was only off for two days for the love of god!) and saw the idiocy unfolding before my very eyes. Ugh! Again, sorry.

All right, I have things to write down for this potential new story before my brain tucks it in a dark corner somewhere never to be found again. ~ Moira

PS – Spring has sprung at my end of Canada! Shh, don’t tell anyone, they might take it back.

Holy crapballs,

I think Mother Nature is PMSing here in the west! I came home in a light snowfall (aka, the occasional flake drifting by) and now, 40 minutes later its a damned blizzard out there. Someone get that woman some Midol damn it!

On the other hand it’s Wednesday, happy hump day everyone, which means we’re on the slide down to the weekend. Only two more days, only two more days, only two more days. Thank goodness. If I have to deal with one more moron that can’t get the simplest of concepts through their thick skull I might just have to go freaky on their asses. And, trust me, it never ends well for them or anyone within the sphere of the freak. Course, it does make me feel better…at least until I have to do clean up.

In other news, the story number two is going along well. Broke through the 20k mark at some point last night. Gave me a giddy little thrill to be honest. But I know I’m in the home stretch as soon as I have the big confrontation for what I’ve been building up to. Still a little unsure which way I’m going with the big blow out. I have two options for how it can go, just need to decide which will be the biggest twist to throw the readers for a loop. Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Oh well, that will be later. Tonight I’m catching up on what I’ve DVR’ed ~ Moira

It’s another

Hump day! Yep, that’s right, here we are at the middle of the week and cruising for a weekend. Sadly, not a long weekend, but a weekend nonetheless. Weekends are great, they give me the necessary time to decompress and to think about what to do to my latest characters.

Speaking of characters, I sent off my cover “to-do” list to the publisher late last night after hemming and hawing over the “blurb” that would help “sell” this book. Damn thing was hard to write! Harder than the entire book I should mention. But, it is done and gone, hallelujah!

Now I can just sit back, relax and come up with book number two. No clue what it’s going to be about, still haven’t really figured that part out, but I’ll get there eventually. I have the characters yacking up a storm so that’s good. Still need to figure out a bit of conflict for them both though, add a little something to the story.

M’eh, I’ll figure that out eventually I think, maybe, probably. All right, enough of that, I’m going to go and surf the Net for a while ~ Moira