Summer Kick Off Party

If you haven’t yet signed up for the Evernight Summer Kick Off Party, what are you waiting for? There will be lots of authors to talk to, lots of prizes, and lots of fun. The party starts at Noon (EST) and goes until 11 pm (EST) on Thursday May 21, 2015. I will be on with the lovely Honor James from 9 pm to 10 pm (EST), or 7 pm to 8 pm (MST). We’ll be chatting, answering your questions, doing draws, and giving things away left, right and center. Don’t miss out!

SummerKickOffClick the above image to go directly to the Facebook page to join.

Schedule (all times Eastern Standard Time):
Noon – 1pm: Sam Crescent & Jenika Snow
1pm – 2pm: Cr Moss
2pm – 3pm: Jocelyn Dex & Lorraine Nelson
3pm – 4pm: Carlene Love Flores & London Saint James
4pm – 5pm: Iyana Jenna & Ravenna Tate
5pm – 6pm: Raven McAllan & Doris O’Connor
6pm – 7pm: J. J. Lore & Jewel Quinlan
7pm – 8pm: Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy & Erin Leaf
8pm – 9pm: Wren Michaels & Terri Hoffman Rochenski
9pm – 10pm: Moira Callahan & Honor James Author / April Zyon
10 pm – 11pm: Athena Daniels & Beth D. Carter

Edits are completed

C&M Security book 3, Dangerous Lines, has been officially through round 2 of the editing process and is now back in the hands of my publisher. This also means that the excerpt is now up on the Dangerous Lines page for you to read.

It was a pretty quick run through, thanks to my amazing editor, Laurie Temple. The woman is great and I can’t ever thank her enough. I think she loves these characters nearly as much as I do. A good thing, and very helpful to the editing process. That and the fact she’s been my editor since day one – I got super lucky in having her assigned my books to be completely honest.

Now I can focus on writing book 5 of the series, something I’ve been a little lax on of late. Too much crap at the day job to get my mind relaxed enough to write. A sad, sad state of affairs really. But I have the rest of the weekend now, to write and plot my face off. Something I definitely need to do with these characters. It’s a different flow to book 5 than the previous ones, so I have to remain quite focused on the “end game” as they say. Since I started at the ending, I can’t have anything go awry during the “catch up” phase of the book/story line. Otherwise I’ll have to rewrite a bunch of things, all of which I really don’t want to do. So, focus is the name of the game.


Oh, shiny! Ha! Just kidding. I think I’ll throw on a movie, settle into the zone, and get a few thousand words out on it by the time Monday rolls around. Although, the fact the weather is fantastic is definitely making it hard to stick to my guns on that one. It’s so sunny, and nice out there. Argh! What’s a writer to do? Focus. Gotta focus.

Well, I’m off to focus on the sunny weather…uh, my story and plot line. Have a great weekend ~ Moira

Sunny Saturday

Well, it’s nice to know that the weatherman can even be wrong about bad weather occasionally too, lol! We’ve been getting plenty of sunshine today. A lovely bright blue sky, with a few very non-threatening fluffy white clouds floating along, all around a perfect day to be out and about. In my case though, it was the perfect backdrop for writing my face off.


C&M Security book 5 has been trundling along nicely. The characters, and I have been getting this puppy going. I’m only a few thousand words in, but it’s been pretty smooth overall. Had to rein them in a couple of times here and there. They were trying to get a little too far ahead of things for my piece of mind. After all, you need to set the scene, build the tension and the mystery into the story before you show all the cards in your hand. Okay, yes I’m mixing metaphors. Shush! LOL!

Basically I’m trying to say that today was a damn good day for writing. Over 4k words added, with more bubbling in my head. I may get down some more tonight, not sure yet, depends on how it all coalesces in the old brain. May need to step back for a few, and see what comes of everything that’s rumbling around. To that end, I’m off to make dinner, and maybe make a bevvie as well. To that end, I’m out of here.


Before I go though, a heads up that Evernight Publishing is having a huge Labor Day Weekend sale on the website this weekend. It goes until Monday, and all titles are 25% off. As well, All Romance is also having a huge sale on specially selected titles – including all three of my titles that are currently out, and many of the other Evernight authors. So go and take a look, maybe you’ll find something to read this weekend.

Hope you all have a wonderful night. ~ Moira

It’s Friday!

SmileySo happy the weekend is here. Ahhhh! It’s been a long, strange, hectic, annoying sort of week at the evil day job. But now I have a whole three days where I can solely focus on writing. Yup, three days. All the household chores have been completed, and except for the occasional venture out into the real world for resupplying whatever I might need to keep me going, I have no other plans.

I am not, nor have I ever been a camper. Even if I were I would not go over a long weekend, they are predestined to end badly – Mother Nature has your number campers. My version of camping is a two star hotel, in the boonies, without a coffee maker in the room to get me going in the mornings. I despise bugs, disdain dirt, and dread sleeping on the ground. Which, with my bad back, is just a recipe for ending up at my chiropractors for weeks on end undoing two nights out “roughing it”. Thank you, but no thank you. Those who enjoy camping, may you have open roads before you, no screaming children next to you, and may your beer remain cold.

I shall stay at home, with my running hot water, my very pricey and plush bed, and all the other wondrous comforts of home. It’s also where the Wifi, and electricity is, which is a hell of a lot more conducive to ensuring I get writing done. Ha! Look at that, a nice little circle back around.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, no matter how long or short it might be. I have characters to manipulate into some sort of a cohesive state. ~ Moira

OH! PS – Before I completely forget, two more things….

1) I am putting out a newsletter whenever I have news to share, or have a book being released – sorry no set scheduling yet. To join up just click on the link at the top of the menu to your left.

2) Evernight Publishing is having a huge Labor Day weekend sale Saturday through Monday. A link with more details will be forthcoming on my Facebook page should you be interested. Just click here tomorrow mid-day for all the deets.

Here comes book two…

dangerous-secretsHappy Sunday everyone! I hope everyone is have a fabulous day. I know I am despite the very early hour I got up today, despite how late I hit my pillow last night – really it was earlier this morning. But up I did get, I was even very productive given how foggy minded I was. Did up a loaf of bread while I did a bit of cleaning, am now on a second pot of coffee and still need to get some shopping done as well as helping out a friend with a wee bit of a task. Bonus of staying up late last night, I got the bits and pieces for a little video promo.

Which, speaking of, is for book two of the C&M Security series. Dangerous Secrets will be out on August 13 – this coming Wednesday. For a look at what the book is about you can head over to the Dangerous Secrets page for a peek. There is also a video over there too from a fellow author, April Zyon who is also a part of the Evernight Family. I will post up the links as soon as I have them, Evernight will be first – of course – and likely Tuesday evening since they can get it posted quickly. Then with the others to follow as soon as I get them.

Now for a little something you might not know. I have a group set up on Facebook that are strictly for the readers of my works, or friends of readers, or just fans. If you, or anyone you know, is interested you should come on over. The group is called Moira’s Maidens since that’s what was the most liked option. There are exclusive sneak peeks, teasers and excerpts not found anywhere else, even on my personal or fan page. Right now there’s the entire first chapter of Dangerous Secrets up for anyone who’d like to join up. We even occasionally have cookies.

That’s it everyone. I have to get my butt in gear and get moving. Have a lovely day ~ Moira

Fabulous Friday

There are so many reasons why it’s so much more fabulous than any other Friday of late. First and foremost, it’s obviously Friday which brings the logical and foregone conclusion that a weekend follows promptly, which is true. The added bonuses were:

  • The boss let us go early – big YAY!
  • This led to me getting all my chores done before dinner time
  • It was take-out night, which meant no dishes and very little clean-up (I only do it twice a month so it’s a treat – the rest of the time I cook my meals for the coming week)

Now that I’ve got all that out of the way I get to fully enjoy my three day weekend. Yup, you read that right, we have a long weekend. Thank gawd! I needed one so badly. Plus the creative juices are chugging along so I fully intend to put them to use and get some more of C&M 4 done, if not fully complete the story. Still have a ways to go on it, but with three days I can dedicate most of my waking hours -not including coffee intake, meals, bathroom breaks and the occasional run out of the house to do other things- to getting it a hell of a lot closer to being completed.

Have a great weekend, long or not ~ Moira

Getting things accomplished

Since being under the weather I hadn’t really gotten a lot done. A couple bursts of energy though definitely came through at the right time.

The first being yesterday to let me get a whack more writing done on C&M book 4. I’d gotten to a point where I feared I might have written myself into the proverbial corner. But, along with that burst of energy came some inspiration and a plot twist to explain everything, as well as keep me from backing into that corner. Got a good 7k words down yesterday before the brain called it quits and ordered me off to bed.

In other news, the first round of edits came in from Evernight. Bad news was I was in no condition to even look at them until today. Great new was that I have the fantastic Laurie Temple for my editor once again. This woman has seen me through both my previous books, keeping me and my characters in line. Couldn’t ask for a better editor.

Got all the edits done with the second wonderful burst of energy, and a lot of coffee to keep it going. Downside to that is I’m now buzzing around on caffeine so I think I’ll do some writing and burn it up while I have it.

Dangerous Secrets, C&M Security book 2 will be out sometime in July I believe. No date yet set but I will announce it as soon as I know when it will be releasing. Until then I am off to write, write, and write some more before I have to face going to work tomorrow.

10527366_284094728443222_7015729994854315924_nOh! Before I forget, just remember there is only a little over one day left to purchase a book from the Evernight and Evernight Teen sites where the book cover price, in full, will be donated to World Vision’s Education for Girls Fund. Any and all books are included in this amazing fundraiser by the Evernight team. But it must be purchased from their sites directly to count toward the grand total.

So have a lovely evening everyone ~ Moira

The gift of Education


Something amazing to discuss, but quickly, for tonight’s post since it’s nearly time to take more of my cough medication (yes I have a bit of cold, I’m surviving though).

Each year Evernight Publishing does a fundraiser event. This year they have chosen World Vision’s Education for Girls Fund. For every sale between July 14 and July 21, 2014 they will donate the FULL cover price to this cause.

For more information you can check out the page I have set up for this week only >HERE<. You can also check out Evernight Publishing’s Blog >HERE< to read what some of the author’s have answered to the question: What does education mean to you?

And, last bit of info to pass along – purchases off both the Evernight site >HERE< and the Evernight Teen site >HERE< are a part of this campaign. So, buy a book (even if it isn’t mine) and know that your money is going to the great cause of helping a young girl get an education.

All right, that’s all I have for you tonight. Go, buy, and smile! ~ Moira

Summer has arrived

With a vengeance. It’s wonderful really. After a horridly cold winter, and then an indecisive spring, it’s nice to be warm again. It won’t last sadly, but while it does I’m enjoying every second. We’ve even gotten a bit of rain some of the evenings which makes sleeping so wonderfully comfortable. I love when it rains at night, so much more than when it does it the instant I leave work.

I’ve been working on book 4 of C&M Security. No title yet, but I never decide that until the very end, or close to anyway. I’m not one of those people that just knows what the name will be. Sometimes it’ll come to me at an important spot of the story. Usually not though, lol! The writing is going pretty well, it’s a slightly different story from the others. It’s still got trouble in it, it’s still got C&M in it, and it will also be introducing a character that will have a major role in the next book of the series. Haven’t figured where I’m bringing in said character, but I know it will be soon…ish.

Other than that I’ve had a few ideas on a couple other stories I’ve been puttering on. One’s a standalone, the other is a paranormal that I’m still trying to figure out the “rules” of since it’s not of an earthly nature. Trying to figure out how their world works, and all that fun stuff. Then there’s this other potential story that is circling, no clue what it is, but the beginning just keeps circling in my head over, and over, and over, and over again.

On that thought, I’m off to jot this beginning down so maybe I can purge it. Until another day ~ Moira