Release Day!

dangerous-secretsHappy day, oh happy day! Book 2 from the C&M Security series is finally here. It’s up on several sites (links below) with the rest coming as soon as the other sites get things all sorted out. You know, the I’s dotted, and the T’s crossed. This was a fun book to write, though I did give my wonderful editor -Ms. Laurie Temple- a serious editing workout. She got through it, so too did I and I think we managed to create a damn fine book. Me thinking up all the crazy, and her reining me back in with hits of reality.

I really need to write a Paranormal book soon I think. Maybe once I get the rest of the C&M series out of the way. Still working on book 4 and then I have at least 2 more planned after that. Book 5 could be the end of the series, and then I’m doing a prequel story with Robyn and her man to show how they met, give even more background on the C&M group as well as how the business all got started. But that’s down the road.

For now it’s celebration day as book 2 releases with big smiles from me. The sun is out (sorta), the weather is humid and mostly dry (except for a two minute “rain shower”) and my book looks so pretty! Another wonderful cover by Sour Cherry Designs, she’s keeping the theme real well. Hot men, lovely ladies, and sexual energy pouring off the cover. Seriously though, she seems to know just what my books needed to give them that extra je ne sais quoi. C’est spectaculaire!

Anyway, I’m off to plug my book a little bit on some of the social media sites. Be good my dearies. Oh, and before I totally forget, I am doing up a newsletter so if you’d like to be kept up to date on all the latest and greatest coming from me, please sign up. The link is also below or you can find it on my side bar, aptly titled – *NEWSLETTER SIGNUP*. Note: The link will take you off my site to the sign up form. ~ Moira

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Here comes book two…

dangerous-secretsHappy Sunday everyone! I hope everyone is have a fabulous day. I know I am despite the very early hour I got up today, despite how late I hit my pillow last night – really it was earlier this morning. But up I did get, I was even very productive given how foggy minded I was. Did up a loaf of bread while I did a bit of cleaning, am now on a second pot of coffee and still need to get some shopping done as well as helping out a friend with a wee bit of a task. Bonus of staying up late last night, I got the bits and pieces for a little video promo.

Which, speaking of, is for book two of the C&M Security series. Dangerous Secrets will be out on August 13 – this coming Wednesday. For a look at what the book is about you can head over to the Dangerous Secrets page for a peek. There is also a video over there too from a fellow author, April Zyon who is also a part of the Evernight Family. I will post up the links as soon as I have them, Evernight will be first – of course – and likely Tuesday evening since they can get it posted quickly. Then with the others to follow as soon as I get them.

Now for a little something you might not know. I have a group set up on Facebook that are strictly for the readers of my works, or friends of readers, or just fans. If you, or anyone you know, is interested you should come on over. The group is called Moira’s Maidens since that’s what was the most liked option. There are exclusive sneak peeks, teasers and excerpts not found anywhere else, even on my personal or fan page. Right now there’s the entire first chapter of Dangerous Secrets up for anyone who’d like to join up. We even occasionally have cookies.

That’s it everyone. I have to get my butt in gear and get moving. Have a lovely day ~ Moira

Release Day!

So excited! A second book bearing my name out there for the world to see. Oh boy, yeah, better not think on that too long or I’ll be needing myself a paper bag. LOL! Just kidding.

There was a minor snafu with Amazon, they were having a few technology issues – happens to the best of us after all. But, like the troopers they are, they got things sorted out and my book is up. Hopefully everyone else’s as well affected by this small glitch. I didn’t really worry about it overly much, since I knew they’d figure it out in time. Besides, I was at work so that kept me from thinking about it for too long.

I will admit to looking for it as soon as I got home though. And there it was, in all it’s sexy glory – look at that cover, it’s HAWT! I keep wanting to nibble on that male model, just a little. Okay, enough of that, other things to talk about… All the links I currently have (sorry iTunes and B&N folks) are up on the Dangerous Times page. The other links will come as the individual sites get everything lined up on their ends.

Overall it was good day, not much happening at work, work wise. My one co-worker, the lady I’ve worked with personally for a number of years, left today. Off into the retirement sunset. Lucky bitch. We sent her off in a fashion she approved of, very low key, yet she knew just how much I was going to miss her. The fact I was hanging onto her leg like a two year old in the midst of mother leaving for the first time may have been a clue. My screaming “You can’t go!” may have also led to the belief I’ll miss her dreadfully. I will, but she deserves this, she put in forty years with the company, definitely time to get out and enjoy life a little.

I get myself a super-duper long weekend this weekend. Canada Day is on the Tuesday so the boss is giving us the Monday off, woohoo! That’s a four, yes 4, day weekend. Hot damn! I plan on writing, writing and doing some more writing. It will be great. I can tidy up and work on C&M book 3, maybe even submit it. Then I intend to work on the paranormal story that’s been bugging me for the last while, get some of that down on paper. More than what I currently have I mean.

Well, that’s it, I need to go and do some advertising I think. Have a wonderful evening folks! ~ Moira

First in a series…

dangeroustimes1sComing this Thursday Dangerous Times, is the first book of the C&M Security series. I’m very excited about this series, it’s my first one, and it’s also a slightly different take for me on a romantic story. It’s got mystery, it’s got danger, and it’s got some good old fashioned heat.

In book one we get to meet the delightfully adorable, Tamara Phillips. She’s a photographer who lives on her caffeinated beverages and hates mornings. Okay, I admit, those two traits are all me. Gotta put a little of yourself into your works, right? She meets up again with the sinfully sexy, Shawn Camden. He’s co-owner in C&M Security – the “C” if you need a hint as to how I came up with the name of his company.

I had a lot of fun writing this first book in the series. It was a great stretch of my abilities to try something new. Never having done anything with a bit of mystery behind it, and keeping the “big secret” actually a secret to the end, was definitely a challenge. So many times I caught myself giving something away that I knew would just ruin the effect I was attempting to create.

Thankfully my editor, the wonderfully talented Laurie Temple, was on my side of keeping the “secret” a secret. Normally not identifying a key character is a no-no, but in this case it was necessary to assist in leading the reader along just so. Then, at the end, WHAM! Big reveal. I also have to give a shout out to the talented cover artist who does all the Evernight Publishing covers, Sour Cherry Designs did a fantabulous job on the cover for this – so thanks!

That’s it for tonight I think, I have writing to do, characters to mess with, and a plot to twist up into knots. ~ Moira

Happily plotting

It’s Saturday, a bit overcast, but quite pleasantly warm. So I figured I’d set up out on my balcony to write for a while. Fresh air, sounds of the city around me, and just enough sun not to freeze to death. It was an awesome plan. Got a lot of writing done on the new C&M Security book. Book three for those keeping track. Got just over 3500 words down on the page and already my lead female character is in shit up to her eyeballs.

Unlike the other books so far in this series, this one my lead character is heading straight into danger, willingly I should mention. She’s a police detective so that’s kind of her gig. Unfortunately for my leading gal, no one actually has much of a clue as to just who they are going up against, who they are rescuing her from. Neither did she until it was too late. Much too late.

Muahahaha! Yeah, I’m evil. I just LOVE putting characters into precarious positions and then trying to figure out how to dig them out. I do a bit of plotting ahead of time, more or less enough to know what the bad guy is after -his ultimate goal- but let the characters guide the story for a good portion of it. I like seeing where they pull things, often it’s to places I never would have been able to think up sitting there staring at a blank word doc.

I’m not saying that where they pull me is always the best place. Hell no! For instance, in book two of this same series, my lead male character nearly had him and those he was with, doing something highly questionable, and very illegal. I had to kibosh that right quick. Can’t be having any of that, especially since that isn’t who they are at their core. While the staff of C&M Security might play a little loose and free with the law, they can’t break it. So, after a knuckle whack or three, I got them back on track with a slightly less dramatic, but much better for the overall storyline, path. They were happy, no criminal records or jail time, and I was happy, no supporting of illegal activities just because you can. Don’t need to be setting that sort of precedent.

Now, had I written about a thief, totally different standards there. I can’t write about a thief that never steals anything, that would go against who I was writing and the story I was creating. But these guys work with law enforcement so, bending a little is okay, outright breaking is very, very bad.

Well, that’s enough of a break, back to writing now. Need to see if I can make about 5k words before dinner. Have a good day everyone ~ Moira

Week’s going great

So far anyway, lol! Yesterday wasn’t too bad, except for the drenching I got as I dashed semi-quickly home from work. I was definitely more than just a little soggy by the time I got here. There was much squish-squish happening as I dripped my way to my place. I hate having wet shoes – nasty!

Plus side though, got my contract signed, and sent off for book 2 of the C&M Security series. As well as doing up the blurb/cover art sheet – that went back to Evernight Publishing as well. Did some writing and I think I may even have an idea for book 3 in this series. It’s vague right now so I’m just letting it rumble around in my head.

Stayed up a bit too late last night and then just couldn’t fall asleep. Not because my brain was spinning but because I honestly couldn’t get comfortable. Damnedest thing too. Especially given what I spent on my awesome mattress. Frickin’ thing cost nearly a very large mortgage payment – if I paid mortgage that is. But it was a Christmas gift so, in my humble opinion, well worth it. I love my bed. My bed is awesome! But last night we just weren’t in the groove together.

I had a LOT of coffee today to combat my need to sleep. That and I needed to try, I said “try”, to keep my wandering mind focused. I think I left my brain in bed this morning because I was seriously disorganized and mildly chaotic. I did, somehow, manage to get a lot of work done though. Not a fucking clue how! Really, I have no idea how the hell I managed it.

Well, that’s it for the moment. I think I’ll go hunt down something for dessert and vegetate in front of the TV and computer for a like. Have a good night ~ Moira

Release Day!

FKOLIt’s here! It’s here! Oh my gawd, it’s here! Sadly I had to work through most of it but that’s okay, it kept my mind off the nerves I figure would have kicked in had I actually had any time to contemplate it all. And now that I’m home, I’m contemplating it and hello nerves LOL! I really hope this gets easier as I go along otherwise I may need to figure out how to expense a relaxation day at a spa or something.

On other fronts my second book for my series C&M Security is going very well. Been putting in some heavy duty time on it and it’s just trundling along amazingly well. I have reached a certain point in the book though where I’m trying to decide where to let the characters go. They are all screaming “let us break in!” while my head is going “that’s a bad, bad idea”. I’m leaning towards listening to my head on this one mainly because I’m not sure I want my poor characters to be *cough* criminals *cough* even for a good cause.

Sorry boys, no breaking and entering is in your future. Don’t need to let these guys set that sort of precedent. Who knows what else they’d talk me into in the future. Let your characters do one little break in and then they think they can do anything. Nope, not happening.

Well, I think that’s all I have for tonight. All the buy links have been added to the Forever Kind of Love page that are currently available. I’ll add more in as they go live. Have a wonderful night all ~ Moira

It’s alive! Or rather, live.

My book that is. My very first book! Eeeeee! I’m so happy and giddy and … Shit, I’m running out of adjectives. Where’s the thesaurus when you need it?

So, yes, happy dance. Though officially it doesn’t release until tomorrow, it’s currently up for early release on Evernight Publishing’s site. It’s such a pretty thing too. I absolutely love the cover and Sour Cherry Designs did a fantastic job. FANTASTIC! So, if you would like to purchase my book you can, right now, via Evernight. Or, if you wish, you can wait until it hits some of the other retailers that will start tomorrow and continue over the next couple of days.

Or so I’ve been told. Apparently some sites take longer than others to get their butts in gear so a bit of patience is, apparently, required.

The Evernight Publishing link is:

Have a lovely evening ~ Moira

Brains still not fully in gear

It’s true, my brain is still sluggish and like it’s slipping a gear. For those out there that actually drive standard, you’ll know what I mean, for those who have only ever run around in their little automatics, tsk, tsk. But sadly, I fear that is the way the automotive industry is heading, automated everything so the driver doesn’t have to do anything but keep it on the road. Not that some folks are all that good at that.

But! That is a tirade for another day since I’m not currently driving anything. I shall keep my lips sealed on the insanity on the road. But should I ever have the need to get mobile again on wheels, oh…then there will be tirades. LOL!

No, I am doing my “part for the environment”. Which is an awesome spin on the fact that I can walk to work, the grocery store, the drug store, the BOOK store. Yeah, the BOOK store. I love going into a book store and breathing in the scent of the newly unpacked books fresh from some printing place somewhere. I love my iPhone and all the other iToys I have, they are great for travelling without hauling along my library to keep myself entertained during travel and down time. But there is honestly nothing better than a brand new book.

Opening it for the first time (though never the last), running your fingers down the paper whether it’s a trademark paperback or a hard cover book, doesn’t matter. The sensation of the ink on the page, the feel of the paper under your fingertips, that first paper cut to christen it in blood. Ah yes, good times.

So while I will always have a few hot reads on my iToy of the day, there is nothing better than the weight of a book in hand as you flip that crisp page to continue the journey with your favourite characters. But that’s just me and, wow, I have zero clue what this post was actually supposed to be about.

Huh… Well, I wrote a full post about not much of anything. Sounds like a “Seinfeld” episode to me, lol! If you’re too young to know what that is, you really shouldn’t be on this page.

Anyway, I may or may not have something to do. Honestly can’t remember, maybe I left myself a note. So I’m off ~ Moira